Wonderful Technology and Miracles


At the age of 11, I was told by my teachers to get my eyes tested. Obediently, I complied, and when I wore my glasses and walked out of the optician’s shop, I saw a clearer, brighter and more detailed world around; previously things were hazy and foggy. It was like a miracle that glasses had transformed my vision of the world around. However, forty years later I experienced exactly the same kind of miraculous transformation of my vision, but this time it was by getting rid of my glasses. What had happened? Well, I had laser eye surgery; this new technology corrects short-sightedness, so you no longer need glasses! This is a wonderful technological advancement. No operation, and it’s non-invasive, yet  eye sight is restored in seconds. It was like being in Star Trek with Dr. McCoy.

As I walked out of the eye clinic, this time without glasses, I saw things as clear if not clearer than with glasses. It reminded me of a great miracle that took place more than two thousand years ago, when Isa عليه السلام (Jesus) put his hand on the blind and healed him.

How did this man of God achieve such miraculous results? Perhaps our technological gadgets are finally catching up. Yet will they catch up with his moral and spiritual teachings too? He taught love for humanity and love of the Creator.