Why not Volunteer?


In the name of God the beneficent the merciful

Jamal is busy playing with a group of seven-year-olds in the sports hall. The hall is full of laughter, here in the Bobbers mill community centre, Hyson Green. There is another class of children doing role-play about bullying; next-door is a class learning Arabic calligraphy. This is a 3-week summer school, organised by the local community centre, its run by volunteers and the centre staff. This is a community helping itself.

Volunteering can be the most rewarding charity that we can do, we can share our skills, talents and time with those who need it. As a volunteer you can do almost anything from playing with children to supporting elders. If you have special skills and talents you can mentor others and transfer these skills and talents. This process of sharing, benefits us first and foremost, as we develop a sense of care and compassion for others. We become morally rich. The young volunteers at the Centre know they are making real difference to lives of these children. Volunteers make an essential contribution to all aspects of our family and community life. The Quran reminds us, “ if you did good then you did well for yourself and if you did wrong then you did wrong then you did it against yourself” (17:7)