Why I Love Reading The Quran (Pt 4)


Imitating the strong character

We must read the Quran to learn, the moral and spiritual virtues of empathy and kindness. How? By reading the Quranic stories we can immerse in the thoughts and feelings of those wonderful people. This can only be realised once we walk in the shoes of a strong character. “Beloved Messenger you have an incredibly strong character” (Al-Qalam: 4).

When reading the stories of the Quran, its authoritative laws and principles, its manners and morals we are learning about the author, the Almighty Creator. It is a master class in getting to know the nature, qualities, and works of the Lord. The Quran often gives word portraits of the Lord. It provides a map and a compass so we can find the straight path that leads to paradise.

Quran reading and human destiny

We read The Majestic Quran with anticipation, expectation and sometimes to make sense of destiny. In the Quran, we find the destiny of other lives unfold, but I need to live well and make something of it. This helps me to understand who I am, and what I must become. I must reconcile with destiny the way the Lord has made it.

This is the meaning of Islam, a verb that means submission and surrendering to the divine. And when we read the Quran, we transcend our time and place, we shake off the shackles of the material world. We stand head bowed, heart humbled, mind focused on the loving Lord. We surrender our ego, our desires, and pleasures before Allah. This way Quranic reading is an exercise in freedom of mind, through which I see the variety of human lives and the vastness of what lies beyond. When reading the descriptions of paradise in the Quran, I can imagine living there for a moment. So, for me, it is more than an escape, it is a feeling of joy of being a Muslim.

The Quran raises the spirit

From each reading session, I extract a gem at a time. A peculiar way to look at the reading of the Quran is ‘cosmic significance therapy’, this makes me feel larger in this world, greater and full of potential. Since the Quran gives me an honorific title of Khlifatullah. The grandest title of Divine representative. It makes me feel proud. Defining the meaning and purpose of my life.

But the Quran can also be read as ‘cosmic insignificance therapy’, where it makes us feel humble, feel smaller in the face of the vastness of Allah’s creation. Making us shrink. The Quran is good at flying through time and history, it flicks back and forth through the ages but of course at my pace. The Quranic teachings anchor us in solid facts, they root us in reality.

The Quran doesn’t just inform us, it wakes us up, shakes our complacency, and invites us to take a good and honest look at what’s out there. It takes us out of ourselves and then asks if we want to go back inside now that we know what we know.

When someone asks why I read the Quran, I can very simply say that it feels a bit like explaining ‘why I eat’.’ My motives are selfish, yes, I need to escape the limits of my experience, to access the Lord of the universe, to learn about great vistas and great people.

A serious reader shares the Quran

I am trying to connect people with the Quran, urging them to engage and seriously study the word of Allah. The mind-altering effects of Quran reading extend to all walks of life in ways that range from clear to mysterious. What is clear is how to pray to the Lord, how to be thankful and how to go about living a decent, modest and pure life.

Can the effects of Quranic education be witnessed? Yes, it reduces racism, injustice, sexism, xenophobia and condemns cheating and dishonesty. It promotes service to humanity, this is why the faithful are more likely to be trustworthy citizens.


These scattered thoughts are just personal reflections on why I read the Quran. We read it for different reasons: Education, Inspiration, Imagination, Illumination, Evaluation, and Relaxation. For me, Quran reading is all these things. It’s a unique way of learning, allowing me time to consider, to match the new information to what I already know.

Reading the Quran is a private affair, but the recitation of the Quran is more of a social performance, freedom with a shared beat, played in the dome of the Masjid, the reciter seated on the Kursi. Making Quran reading the most sacred act.

Let us make a special prayer

For the Besieged and beleaguered people of Gaza who have been betrayed by their Muslim leaders and abandoned by the world. The Dajjal as predicted by the beloved Messenger (peace be upon him) has appeared now. He has the deceptive power of making falsehood look true and the truth to look false. Sadly, this is the lowest moral position any human can sink to. We have been witnesses to it since the 7th of October 2023.

Let’s pray that Allah protects us from the scourge of the Dajjal, Allah is the Avenger of the Palestinians and when He avenges, no one can stand in His way. Ya Muntaqim, Ya Muntaqim, Ya Muntaqim help the oppressed. Ameen!