What can Religion learn from Atheism?


One thing that religion and we believers can learn from atheism is to become bold, assertive about the message we preach and the adventurous about how we inspire and educate people about the perennial truths.

The absence of faith in God (atheism) results in life becoming meaningless and purposeless, a mere fleeting period of enjoyment that promotes individualism and blind faith in science and technology. Both of these are dangerous notions that undermine human welfare and sanity. Religion on the other hand teaches moral values and faith in inner human spirit. So the beautiful teachings of religion must be preached effectively to the masses.

1. Loss of moral values and the rise of Individualism; this is placing the human being at the centre stage of everything, when people feel there is no need for empathy, kindness, forgiveness and patience, a liberal attitude to human behaviour. The world of fast food, fast cars, flickering screens and self gratification at fingertips is numbing our moral sense therefore it is important to rediscover Moral sense and discipline. This is a long process. It takes time begins with learning the teachings of religion, spending time with the right company and avoiding over indulgence in wealth and worldly pleasure. Ours is a society that is mentor hungry, people are hungry of authentic significant and mature relationship. Religion can help people to relate lovingly to one another through God.

2. Blind faith in science and technology; i was a research scientist for many years so i know from experience the limitations of science, this is notion that science and technology will eventually solve and cure all human problems is just not true. However, Science is rediscovering some of the realities and facts that the religious people have always been familiar with for centuries. Particularly research on the benefits to human health of moral values like kindness, forgiveness and gratitude is now well documented, similarly, the latest researches in medicine show outstanding benefits of a spiritual exercise of fasting, praying and giving charity. The religious practices of meditation reflection and contemplation are also shown to be hugely beneficial for overcoming stress and related psychological problems.