War, peace and reconciliation


We can safely make a pessimistic prediction that as long as human begins live on earth there will always be conflict and even wars. Violence has been used in the past to resolve disagreements and it continues to be used today. Of course it never resolves the disagreement and the consequences are horrific and the loss of innocent lives on both sides is a stain on humanity. Wars are a sign of madness.

However, proxy wars fought for countries thousands of miles away from theatre of war are the worst of all. The current Isreali-Leboneses war sadly seems to be just that.

What is the way out? Dialogue and negotiations! And that means compromise. Listening to the other in the spirit of peace and reconciliation. Nobody will be 100 percent loser and nobody will be 100 percent winner. That’s the only way out. Particularly for neighbours, living next door to one another. Both are interconnected how can one gain 100 percent victory without the 100 percent destruction of the other? They will have to share. Both parties involved in the war fail to see this reality that is why other nations must intervene to stop the war. Otherwise we will be accused of complicity.