Voices of peace, reconciliation and hope


Radio Fiza is a community radio run from Karimia institute and Asian Women’s project in Nottingham. The radio provides entertainment mainly for the Muslims and the south East Asians living in Nottingham. A new exciting series of programmes are planned which will highlight the work of Initiatives of Change. These programmes will tell stories of some amazing reconciliation that have taken place in south Africa, Lebanon and Bosnia. There will be stories, which give hope and encouragement and build trust and remove cynicism. The programmes will also feature interviews with people at the frontline bringing about change in themselves and others.

It’s an exciting project lead by Mary Lean and Elizabeth Tooms from the Initiatives of Change. It is hoped that once a series of such programmes are ready they could be on air on other community radios all over the country. If anyone out there is enthused and wants to help contact Mary Lean or Dr Musharraf Hussain.