Unscripted: Spontaneous, Random but Precious Pearls


Man holding Quran

Over the years, I’ve been harvesting nuggets of wisdom from various sources and writing them down in my scrapbook, except that there are no photos but words. This is not an essay but random thoughts that I acquired. So, this Friday’s reflection is an opportunity to share them with you. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Knowing Allah

Once Malik ibn Dinar said, “The worldly people die without having tasted the best thing in the world.” Someone asked, what’s that? “Knowing Allah.” He answered.” Knowledge about Allah and living with His Beautiful Names — these are the greatest pleasures. No worldly delight, pleasure and luxury can compare with this.

To know Allah, to love, to remember, you need to establish a strong connection with the Quran. You will never taste this pleasure if you don’t recite, study, memorise and act upon the verses of the Quran. You need to live with the Quran and enjoy its companionship on this journey of life. It’s guiding you to live in the best way. It is a well of wisdom, fantastic truths, clear teachings, practical advice and moral ideals.

Since humans are meaning-seeking creatures, we need a story to live by. When the story of our beloved Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the teachings of Islam are presented people love to hear it, follow it and accept it.

The opening and closing verses of the Surah. Pay special attention to them, here’s why:
Joan Didion an American writer said “The last sentence in a piece is the author’s adventure. It should open up the piece, it should make you go back and start reading from page one. That’s how it should be” (The Paris review: 3439).

Questions you should ask whilst reading the Quran:

  1. What has Allah done for You?
  2. How can this prayer help you pass through this rough time?
  3. Do you know someone who is going through troubled times?
  4. Will you share this prayer with them?

Maulana Rumi said, “Flee to the Quran and make it your sanctuary, there you will meet the souls of the Prophets.”

The Majestic Quran reminds us to walk in rhythm with nature; pray at dawn, watch the sunrise, pray at noon then again in the evening, observe the sunset, again time to pray, reflect and rest. This is alignment with the natural circadian rhythms of the body rather than following the contrived 9-to-5 timetable.

The Worldly Life

Our working careers have become an idol instead of being a means of income and earning a livelihood. It’s about keeping up with the Joneses or the Khans. The Quran corrects this imbalance and calibrates our emotions and thoughts – an antidote for stress and burnout. A young ambitious professional told me once ‘By embracing the teachings of the Quran my life was transformed. The Quran taught me valuable lessons that served my deepest needs and helped me to escape the rat race.’

The Quran, as a central religious text in Islam, provides guidance and wisdom to its followers. By forewarning about certain aspects of life, morality, and the consequences of actions, it aims to prepare individuals to make better decisions and lead a life in accordance with Islamic teachings.

The concept of “forewarned is forearmed” in the Quran is about providing guidance, setting moral and ethical standards, making believers aware of the consequences of their actions, preparing them for the afterlife, and helping them to cope with life’s challenges through faith and wisdom.

Motivate a Million

I was struck by this thought, what part will I play in the global Quran mission? Any investment I make in putting a Quran in the hands of another human being, Muslim or not will surely bear fruit. I am convinced that on reading The Majestic Quran the reader will be changed, InshaAllah! So please support this project, click HERE for more information.

The experiential way of engaging with the Quran is you accept it wholeheartedly without hesitation and doubt. Then learn and understand its message by applying it to your daily activities. Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) once told me “I learnt most of my religion by sharing my understanding of the Quran with others in my talks that I used to give in a study circle in Regents Park Mosque (London).”

In conclusion, the Quran’s role is as a guide for a meaningful and ethical life, transcending worldly pleasures. It emphasises personal transformation and spiritual enlightenment gained through engaging deeply with the Quran’s teachings.