Understanding the Soul


Allah has made us human being. We are like other animals but there is something very unique and very distinctive about human being, which makes them the (Afzal UL Makhlooq) the best God’s creation and that thing makes us very unique and special is called the soul (Rooh) and this rooh is what makes us very unique and special but why? This from Allah himself as Allah says, “I blow breath in to him. So this is a divine breath this the divine what as the “Amr e Rabbi” the command of my Lord that is with in us. Man fails to understand what this rooh is as. Allah says, “ They ask you about the soul about the “rooh” tell them that they know very little of it they can understand very little of it”.

Its nature is beyond our comprehension. Well there are many many things in life, which we do not understand, and some of the best scientist will tell you for example the gravity, gravity is a reality isn’t it, any body denies gravity. No but what is it no one knows. Scientists today are spending millions and millions pounds and efforts in order to discover what is this illusive forces but its real its there with out it there would be no universe but what is it? We have no idea what is it although perhaps next 15- 20 years the theoretical physics might have an idea what it is, it could be some kind of particle but up till today the efforts have not succeeded and there are many many other things in life that scientists today do not understand. I some body who worked as scientist for 12 years in laboratory I know in my own field Biochemistry how remain to be understood yet, we still do not know for example the energy in our body is made from metabolism of glucose how is that energy least from one kind of chemical burns in to another how does it happen some of the difficulties and that does not mean its not real or true just because I don’t understand it or we don’t understand it as humanity but this rooh, this force with in us its reality this what makes us human beings.

Our Muslim scholars say that this rooh consist of three things, it has intelligence, it has ethos and it has pathos it has lub the ability to grasp and understand things of course not every thing in its own limited way it has the ability to understand, it has feelings, emotions that is what gives us those emotions and its also has ethos this ability to differentiate in right and wrong this is the moral choice and moral virtues that we are endowed with naturally the ability to see what is right and what is wrong and this endowment that Allah has given us of being able to choose between right and wrong is really crucial for living a happy life in fact this is what determines how happy we are, how well worst we are in those moral virtues and how we live up and how we live that ethos.

That is what we really determine how successful and how happy we live our lives amongst those principles of happiness and those principles of moral virtues is the virtue of the patience and it’s a principle and when we say it’s a principle what is means is that its basic it’s the fundamental its territory with out this you can’t have anything else this is a territory on which you can build your empire, on which you can build your world, on which you can build your own life with out this they cannot be the rest. Similar when we talk about there moral virtues these are the principles of life which really governed and which really determine how well we are going to do in our lives particularly our relationship with others and I like this maxim some one says that 10 percent of life is what happens to us from the out side and 90 percent as what happens from is the way I react, is the way I behave, is the way I think, is the way I respond to the out side world I find this hugely empowering maxim really a statement that we really do need to understand and its empowering as well. What is saying to you is you are the master of your own destiny. You, not the outside world, not people around to you but you determine what goes on, you make the marks. You determine and you do things I really think this is a very powerful statement and its very Islamic statement that we Muslims really do need to understand thoroughly and in order to do that, in order to respond positively and in order to act positively, in order to react in a way that will really in dearer, in a way that really bring out the best from us we need certain principles and that is what Rasool Ullah (SAW) came to teach us when he said,

“I came purely and only to perfect your moral character”.

And that is what Quran say, “ O, Mohammad (SAW) You have the best moral character of whole humanity, you are the model, you are the one who people need to look at”

And amongst those principles that you taught with regards to building our moral character is the character of patients and I just want to very briefly coz I only got few minutes to talk about it but you can read more about it Insha Allah in my forthcoming book for whole the power of moral intelligence which will be published by one of the publishing company on power of moral intelligence in that I talk about the patients of Rasool Ullah (SAW). What is patience and how Rasool Ullah (SAW) was patience and of course how Allah is also patience you one of the name of Allah is Al Saboor means not just patience but Very Very Very patience. Allah is not just Sabir but is Al Saboor the most patience.

Note: Our Muslim scholars say that this “rooh” consist of three things; it has intelligence, ethos and pathos