To What Extent Can Sunnis and Shias Unite?


The Sunni-Shia gathering in Harrow is an attempt to encourage Sunnis and Shias living in Britain to work together. The current strife and violence in the Middle East is a pressing imperative for us to act now. This is s timely opportunity for us to work together for the good of Muslims worldwide. Our working together creatively and harmoniously here will send positive messages to other Muslims.

‘To What Extent Should Sunnis and Shias Unite?’: a discussion held at Harrow Central Mosque, organised by SICM (Mahfil Ali).

The panel included: Musharraf Hussain, Shaykh Zaffer Abbas, Ajmal Masroor, Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra and Saeed Shehabi.

For the debate directly, please go to 26:48.