Three R’s for Children and Three R’s for Adults


In the name of Allah the most merciful the most kind

This an exciting time of the year for children as they enjoy the summer holidays. We adults insist that the children must learn the 3 R’s, reading, writing, arithmetic, if they are to be successful in their lives. Perhaps at this point adults could also volunteer to learn the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, certainly somewhat as challenging.

As we grow economically rich and our spending power increases, so does the consumption of world resources. At one time we thought natural resources were infinite and unlimited. But as the coalfields lay waste and oil fields have begun to dry up and the diminishing forest, the reality has finally dawned upon us that natural resources are indeed limited. This realisation has been also heightened by the fear of global warming and the growing of the O-zone hole.

We need to think very carefully how we use these resources. This means reducing our consumption, less of driving the car, switching off those light bulbs when not needed, reusing things and recycling them. Can we control our desires to buy those new clothes? Are we ready for revolution in thought? The 3 R’s, reduce, recycle and reuse could be the key to world peace! How? Well the less we consume the less we will need of the resources of far off countries, and lesser desire to control them.

O Gracious Lord, the sustainer and the maintainer of the world, guide us on the straight path, help us to live a life of simplicity and austerity so we may care for the world.