There are some things we will not understand


I wonder how you will remember 2020? Perplexing, strange, scary, simply unprecedented. I suggest ten action points to energise you for 2021, hints for your new year’s resolution, which will make it a Mubarak (blessed) year Insha-Allah.

The pandemic spoilt all my plans, it made some people redundant, others lonely and isolated, it robbed some of their loved ones and continues to deprive children of education and I can go on.

It was a year that brought upheaval in our lives and brought governments to their knees. It exposed human helplessness in the face of the Coronavirus. “Surely, Allah has control over all things” (Fath: 21). However, in face of adversity, let’s not be gloomy and depressed.

It’s given time for reflection, provided time for examination of priorities, what matters most? Material or a spiritual quest? It’s shown the value of family, Mosques and teachers. Don’t be tempted to write off 2020, let’s be grateful that we are okay and there is light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccine is here, we are coming out and it’s estimated that by April 2021 more than 10 million vulnerable people in the UK will have been vaccinated. This means we will be safer, a real possibility of a near-normal Ramadhan in April 2021, Insha-Allah.

The ten-best people

Reflecting on one’s state is important. As the New Year approaches, it’s a useful time to try to become better individuals. The following is advice from the Most Kind, Gentle and Loving. Below are the beautiful sayings of someone who the Almighty Lord anointed with the title of ‘Kindness for all people’ Muhammad the beloved Messenger (peace be upon him). Which three will you adopt as the new year’s resolution?

  1. “The best is the one who learns and teaches the Quran.” (Bukhari-5027)
  2. “The best is the one who has strong character and good manners.”(Bukhari-6035)
  3. “The best is the one who repays debt swiftly.” (Bukhari-2305)
  4. “The best is the one who is expected to do good and people feel safe with him.” (Tirmidhi-2263)
  5. “The best is the one who is good with their spouse.” (Ibn Habban-4177)
  6. “The best is the one who feeds people and returns their greetings.” (Bukhari-3318)
  7. “The best is the one who accommodates others in prayer rows.” (Targheeb wa Tarheeb-234/1)
  8. “The best is the one who lives long and has plenty of good deeds.” (Bukhari-3279)
  9. “The best is the one who is the most helpful to others.” (Bukhari-3289)
  10. “The best is the one who is pure in heart and truthful in speech.” (Bukhari-3291)

I think the biggest lesson of the pandemic has been ‘there are some things we will not understand’. So, let’s bid farewell to a year that turned our world upside down. The Majestic Quran teaches: “Believers, find strength through patience and prayer – Allah is with those who are patient” (Baqarah: 153).

Oh loving and caring Lord! We ask you to forgive our sins, look over our mistakes and shortcomings. Lord, grant us help, prosperity and firmness of belief. Lord, grant us the ability to serve our fellow human beings and those in need. Ameen!