The war in Afghanistan: Give Peace a Chance


In June 2011 President Obama announced that 10,000 soldiers will be called back from Afghanistan. Hooray! Is this the beginning of the end of the war? Well 60% of Americans hope so because they are fed up of the war, across the Atlantic I hope even more people are war weary and long for peace. The fact that Osama Bin Laden has been killed, Al Qaeda badly decimated, Taliban weakened and the Afghan national army is getting stronger this is the time to leave. Prolonging the war is not only morally unjustifiable but financially costly.

Prolonging of the war is morally unjustifiable since it is causing destruction and death of innocent civilians, children and women. Afghanistan is a country that has been turned into rubble, it needs the care, support and help from the world community. As citizens of global village we must search for means to bring about peace and reconciliation there, British Government can play a vital role as the closest friends of the Americans. To make peace with the Taliban will reduce terrorist threats all over the world and it will lead to more peaceful world. The question is are our political leaders ready to meet the challenge of peace and reconciliation, this requires sense of humility, willingness to forgive those who trespass against us and kindness towards the weak.