The Smiling Faces of Humanity


When travelling on the London underground during the rush hour I’m always fascinated by the multitude of faces- an ocean of human faces; white, brown, black, pink, round ones, long ones, and yet all beautiful in their own way. Undoubtedly the human face is the most artistic achievement; it is the icon of creation. The face is the mirror of the mind. On such tiny surface an amazing array of feelings can be expressed; joy, excitement, ecstasy, sadness, sorrow, bereavement, disgust, annoyance and love. There is always a special variation of presence in each one. Each one is unique; no two faces are exactly the same.

A world lies hidden behind each face. In some faces the vulnerability of the inner exposure to the outside world becomes obvious. When you look at these faces you can see the inner turbulence coming to the surface. This moment can lead to a gaze from a stranger or a conversation. The human face which carries mystery. This is where the private inner world of the individual protrudes into the outer world. It might only be a smile that calls for understanding and compassion from the beholder. The smile on the inner world of the individual but an illumination.

That is why the Prophet of Islam taught, “Meet people with cheerful face and display good character”.