The Prophets Birthday


Some four thousand years ago the patriarch Abraham prayed to his Lord “O Lord! Rise up a prophet from among them to recite your verses and to teach them the book and the wisdom and purify them. You are the almighty the all wise” (Baqara: 128).

One billion Muslims world over believe that this prophet was Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), born over 1400 years ago in Arabia.

Last week Muslims in Nottingham celebrated his coming on the occasion of his birthday. The celebrations took the form of singing his praises and talking about his life, work and teachings.

Gibbon wrote “The genius of the Arabian prophet, the manners and spirit of his nation have impressed, a new and lasting character on the nations of the globe.” (History of the decline of the Roman empire Pg 205 Vol.VI)

The prophet Muhammad is looked upon by the Muslims as the greatest teacher and as the perfect man. Who came to guide mankind to the One God. He taught that Jesus, Moses, Abraham and the Biblical prophets were sent by God to guide mankind.

He taught that all human beings are equal, and that the dearest to God amongst them is the one who benefits people the most. He constantly emphasised the need to develop moral values of honesty, compassion, respect, tolerance and Love.