The Night of Power marks the peak of Ramadhan


The Night of Power

The Night of Power marks the peak of Ramadhan and the start of your journey with the Quran. “When you look at the Quran with your eyes you see words; when you look with your head you see knowledge; when you look with your heart you see love, and when you look with the soul you see Allah” Rumi.

We sent down the glorious Quran on the night of power, what do you know about the Night of Power? The Night of Power is better than one thousand months since the angels and Archangel Jibreel come down by the order of their Lord bringing with them each person’s destiny. Peace spreads everywhere until dawn” (Surat Al-Qadr).

This early Makkan surah praises the splendour of the night on which The Majestic Quran was revealed, the 27th night in the blessed month of Ramadhan. On this Night of Power, glory and splendour (the Quran) were transferred from the ‘Protected Tablet‘ (Lawh Mahfuz) in the upper Heaven to the lower Heaven from which it was gradually revealed to the Messenger (peace be upon him) in bite-size over the period of 23 years. This explains why this night is regarded as momentous and people worship throughout the night. Three things come down during the night:

  1. Angels
  2. Human destiny
  3. Peace
The Quran refreshes and revives the heart, so benefit from it

Malik Ibn Dinar the pious scholar among the successors of the companions (Al-Tabi’) once asked his students, “People of the Quran, do you know what the Quran sows into your hearts? It’s like the rain that revives dead soil”. The daily chores and conflicts take their toll on our emotional well-being, the study of the Quran is an effective way of refreshing oneself. Here is how Allah describes the nature and the scope of His word:

Human beings can’t be directly spoken to by Allah, except by revelation from behind a screen, or an angel by the Divine command brings the revelation. He is the Exalted, the Wise. So, We revealed to you the Quran when you didn’t know the details of faith or the scripture. We made it a light and We guide with it whom We please from among Our servants and you are guiding them to a straight path, the path of Allah – His is what is in the Heavens and the Earth – in the end, all things will return to Allah” (Al-Shura: 51-53).

Bonding with Allah Through Quran

The best way we can achieve a change in our lives, in society and in the world is to develop a strong bond with Allah through the Quran. This is how the disciples did it before us. By helping individuals transform their personal relationships with the Quran and live a Quranic lifestyle. We dream of not only contributing to positive change but to spark a revival in our religious society.

Continuing the Journey Beyond Ramadhan

Four weeks ago, we were welcoming Ramadhan. Today we are saying farewell. Time has flown by. Adhan was recited in the ears of the newborn and then the funeral prayer was performed. Time flies, indeed. Our temporary journey on earth will similarly end soon, are we ready to meet our Caring and Loving Lord?

Ramadhan came to teach us the ephemeral, transient and fleeting nature of food, worldly pleasures and enjoyments of life. Will we continue this journey beyond Ramadhan? The Majestic Quran will be your best companion. It will guide you, connect you with the invincible Lord, and remind you of the bigger things in life.

In Ramadhan, you worked so hard to gain spiritual felicity, increase your knowledge and enhance your inner faculties. We pray that Allah accepts your daily fasts, the long night prayers and your charitable donations, Ameen! We remain hopeful but apprehensive.


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