The Majestic Quran in Parliament



For promoting the message and the mission of the Quran, to improve the understanding of Muslims’ faith and tackle anti-Muslim sentiments in the British Parliament. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said “The best among you is the one who learns and teaches the Quran” (Bukhari).

The British Parliament: A Symbol of Democracy

The British Parliament is regarded as the mother of democracy. It is housed in an iconic building with the Big Ben looming 96 metres high. The tower is recognised all over the world, the most prominent symbol of the United Kingdom and parliamentary democracy. Since the eleventh century, it has been the home of English monarchs. It has been the centre stage of political conspiracies, crises and critical decisions for the British Empire. It’s a palace that has overseen and moulded the industrial and the technological revolution, legislated laws that have transformed a medieval English society into a forward-looking democratic society. A chamber that has changed the tide of British history many times.

The Majestic Quran Launch in Parliament

On the sunny Tuesday afternoon of 22nd February 2022, we gathered to launch The Majestic Quran in Parliament. In December 2021, all 650 MPs and all 880 Lords were presented with this beautiful gift. This was because it is a book that not only changes lives and provide guidance for behaving kindly. But also, justly respects human rights. Above all, it mends the broken relationship with our Lord, the Creator.

Our purpose in offering The Majestic Quran was to raise awareness about the message and the mission of Islam. It would also help the parliamentarians to address the flood of misinformation spread by the media. We consider the message of the Quran to be a powerful tool for enhancing community relations and tackling Islamophobia. Alex Norris our local Nottingham MP kindly hosted the launch, whilst Lord Sheikh chaired it. Some of the MPs who attended the launch included: Rosie Winterton (Deputy speaker of the house), Afzal Khan, Khalid Mahmood, Naz Shah, Lillian Greenwood, Rahman Chishti, Qaisar Anum, Yasmin Qureshi, Mark Logan, Sam Tarry, Lord Hylton, Lord Sarfaraz, Lord Syed Kamall and Lord Wajid Khan. There were also several senior Imams from London and elsewhere as well as supporters of The Majestic Quran.

The Quran’s Role in a World Seeking Meaning

Most of those who spoke at the event agreed about the reality of the global village. Where people need to live together in peace. The best solution is for people to inevitably turn to the Quran. English readers of the Quran are growing in number because of the accessibility on the internet and boldness to explore the Divine book. Some speakers talked about islamophobia, a result of the intense polarisation in politics, rising extremism and turmoil in economic and social life. This has created uncertainty, people want certainty. The Quran gives that certainty, they’re looking for meaning beyond the material world. The Quran clearly explains the meaning and purpose of life that’s why people are turning to the Quran in their thousands.

That is why there is a need for something to counter the severe strife they see in society and between nations. They’re fed up with hearing hate speech, now they want to listen to their Lord’s comforting words. The Majestic Quran is the perfect solution.

Expanding the Reach of The Majestic Quran

From listening to the parliamentarians, I concluded that the British Muslim religious leaders must engage more with politicians. Not to be politicians but to educate them about Islam and the message of the Quran. I saw openness, willingness to understand the Quran. My question is are we ready? Do we have the know-how of doing so? It’s possible and this has encouraged me to be bold and now present The Majestic Quran to all the 20,000 councillors in the UK, Insha-Allah. So, will you support me? Umar ibn al-Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him) narrated, “Allah raises the honour of people who serve this book and lowers the honour of those who are indifferent to it” (Muslim). Now you tell me, will you serve this book?