The Genocide of Innocent People in Gaza Must Stop Now!


    When will the allies of Israel wake up?

    gaza war

    Here is a collection of cries and sad voices of conscientious Brits including men, women and children as they watch the terror and torture being unleashed indiscriminately against ordinary Palestinians in Gaza. Many will say this is the voice of the overwhelming British public, but will this government listen to its people?

    Solidarity with the people of Gaza

    “I am angry with our government! I am angry with Israel! I’m deeply concerned for all the Palestinian families who are suffering in Gaza. We must continue to show our solidarity and support in any way we can. We must have a ceasefire now!” Lisa Zychowicz

    The Government’s double standards

    “The ongoing genocide has changed my perspective of the West. I see the double standards and hypocrisy… But I don’t want people to give up hope for the sake of the Palestinians. We all need to keep speaking up for the people of Gaza.” Iqra Rahman

    It’s genocide

    “I’m angry and upset by what is happening in Gaza and what has happened to the Palestinian people over the past 75 years. It is cruel, unjust, and inhumane, and the whole world must condemn the genocide being committed by Israel and demand peace and justice. Love and solidarity with the suffering families in Gaza. Ceasefire Now!” Paul Neill

    Ceasefire now!

    “I feel helpless and angry that our country is supporting the genocide of innocent people in Palestine. I believe Israel intends to wipe Gaza clear of all people for an end we do not know, the world is just standing by allowing this horror to continue. My heart bleeds for them and rages for our government. Ceasefire now and criminal courts tomorrow.” Jane Williams

    Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza is explicit

    “What has been clear from the beginning is Israel’s intent to wipe out a group of people, whether that is Hamas or all Gaza’s inhabitants. This is ethnic cleansing and genocide. Raz Segal is an Israeli associate Professor of holocaust and genocide studies at Stockton University. He believes Gaza is a ‘textbook case of genocide’. He points to the genocidal rhetoric employed by the Israelis stating that ‘Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza is quite explicit, open and unashamed.’

    The inhumane manner in which Israel flouts international laws on human rights has been ignored, how it continually expands its illegal settlements contravening UN resolutions and how it violently, ethnically cleanses whole neighbourhoods to grab more land to diminish the realisation of a two-state solution.

    Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have both been compelled to label Israel an apartheid state. How our government can stand with Israel is unbelievable. Their collusion and double standards are clear to see. May Allah give the Palestinians relief in their suffering and peace and justice in the future.” Perveen Hussain

    Family from Gaza

    Othman and his family arrived in Halifax in 2012 as refugees from Gaza. He said:
    “Today, my body is in the UK, but my heart is in Gaza, where I grew up. How can I stay silent when the Israelis have murdered more than 8000 Palestinian children? They had a voice, a body, a face, a name and dreams like all of us.”

    The voice of British children

    “I want to let you know that I feel disgusted about the war against the Palestinians just look at what they’re doing to the poor kids and their families.” Y.S age 16

    “They are human too you know, please stop funding Israel to murder innocent children. They are not terrorists.” M.S age 14

    “When will it stop? They’ve been killing them and bombing them for over 7 weeks, why isn’t anyone helping the Palestinians?” A.H age 13


    Someone said, “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will. That is why you must stand up for your rights, especially against tyranny, and make demands. If you don’t do so the powerful will not admit that they are in the wrong, they will be in denial and keep perpetrating their tyranny.” That’s why we must keep up this pressure for a ceasefire and genuine lasting peace.

    Here is a warning from The Majestic Quran to the oppressor, tyrant and butcher of Gaza:

    By the sky full of constellations, by the promised day, by the witness and the witnessed. Cursed are the diggers of the trench, who lit the fire with piles of firewood, and sat around it watching what they were doing to the believers. They hated them only because they believed in Allah, the Almighty, the praiseworthy; the one who controls everything in the heavens and earth, and Allah is the witness of everything. Those that persecuted believing men and women and did not repent will have the punishment of Hell and burning flames” (Al Burooj:1-10).

    Some commentators think that this refers to the persecution of the Christians of Yemen who were persecuted by the pagans. This is not too dissimilar to what’s happening in Gaza today. As we reflect on these circumstances, it’s important to remember the power of prayer and the strength it can provide to those enduring hardship.

    O Kind and Caring Lord, we lift our hearts in prayer for the people of Palestine. Grant them strength, resilience and enduring faith amidst their trials. Protect them from harm, ease their suffering, and bring about a future of peace and justice. Ameen!