The four great verses of The Majestic Quran


The connection between faith, behaviour, clean conscience and reliance on Allah is an amazing circle. It shows Islam’s pure, simple and caring philosophy of life. The more you reflect on the Prophetic words, the more convinced you are he ﷺ is the benefactor of humanity. Enjoy this beautiful Hadith and reflect on the four verses. What’s your resolution for 2021?

Abdullah ibn Masood reported the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: There are four great verses of the Quran, they are:

  1. The verse of the Throne (Ayat ul Kursi): “Allah, there is no god but Him! He is the Living, the Everlasting. Neither tiredness nor sleep overwhelms Him. All that is in the Heavens and on Earth belongs to Him. Who dares intercede without His permission? He knows what they’ve achieved and what they haven’t. They can only grasp what He wills of His knowledge. His Majestic Throne extends over the Heavens and the Earth, and He never tires of protecting them both. He is the Exalted, the Majestic” (Baqarah: 255).
  2. The verse about good and evil: “Allah commands justice, generosity and being charitable to the relatives. He forbids indecency, all evil and cruelty. He teaches you so that you may accept advice” (Nahl: 90).
  3. The verse that cheers up the believers: “Say my servants who have wronged themselves do not despair of Allah’s kindness, indeed Allah forgives all the sins. He is the forgiving the most kind” (Zumar: 53).
  4. A solemn verse about entrusting our affairs and concerns to Allah: “Whoever is mindful of Allah, He shall make a way out for them and provide them sustenance from where they could not imagine. Those who put trust in Allah should know He is enough for them. Allah will complete their task. Allah has prepared a precise measure for all things” (Talaq: 2-3). This hadith is narrated by Tabarani.

Below I comment on these four verses and attempt to understand their significance for our lives. There are deep truths hidden below the surface of these Quranic words, please read them thoughtfully:

  1. The verse of the throne is a well-known verse of the Quran that adorns the living rooms of our homes and the domes of the mosques because of its spiritual significance, the Messenger ﷺ recommended that anyone seeking physical or psychological protection should read it, when going to sleep, setting off on a journey. It’s a loud announcement of faith in the sublime being, acknowledgement of the powerful, the Knowing Lord who protects the vast universe but cares for the humble human being.
  2. This verse teaches us to treat everyone with excellent behaviour; be fair, be generous and loyal to the nearest. This is the standard of humanity. Rid yourself of all evil, indecency, injustice and malice. The cause of family and relational problems so rampant in society. When we are self-indulgent the rights of others are trampled, when we seek pleasure at the cost to others that’s wretchedness.
  3. This verse gives hope for the despairing soul, here is an image of Allah’s munificence; matchless and profound forgiveness. It convinces the pitiless sunk in debilitating despair that Allah forgives easily. So, repent readily by simply regretting, acknowledging and promising never to do it again. That’s all! Move on. You’re forgiven. Your conscience is clean. Some people who had committed major sins like murder, adultery, theft and idolatry in their pre-Muslim life thought they would not be forgiven. Just look at the Loving Lord giving hope.
  4. This verse encourages us to trust Allah, rely on Him, He will take care of you in difficult circumstances. The context is divorce, both partners feel helpless, wretched and the world seems to be collapsing around them. The Quran gives them re-assurance in Allah’s power and kindness.