Surah Al- Qasas: The Narrative


“As for that home of the hereafter we shall give to those who seek neither glory in this world nor evil. The blessed end is for the righteous” (Al- Qasas: 83)

After telling the story of the people and absorbed in love of the world the Quran concludes here that the success of the hereafter is only for people with these qualities. People who do not seek glory. What does glory mean? Atha says it means, “to dominate, to control; others and disgrace them”. In other words exploiting others talents and wealth to become their leader. (Zia-ul Quran Vol 3: P512).

The opposite of seeking glory is to be humble. Second quality of people who will achieve success in the hereafter is; they do not seek mischief and evil. The opposite of doing evil is being righteous. Humility and righteous ness are the two keys to paradise. Since it comes as a commentary on the story of the Qarun the wealthiest man in the land of Pharaoh it has a particular significance for those people who are well off. Reminding them of the power and influence that wealth gives you should not be abused. Since power is intoxicating and it can easily corrupt me.

The Quranic story of Qarun is interesting as it reminds us of the fleeting and the corrupting nature of wealth. Qarun was arrogant man and attributed his worldly success to his own abilities and cleverness, thinking that now he could exploit and use others as the he wished. When he rode with his pomp and ceremony people envied him. Allah gave him time to enjoy his fabulous wealth and status before eventually, “We caused the earth to swallow him up”. (Read from Qasas verse 76-83 for the full story)

This should be a clear warning to those nations and individuals who are wealthy and therefore have become arrogant. They exploit the weak; occupy their lands and natural resources. Take away their freedoms, ruin their cities and make their lives miserable. They revel in their wealth, wasting and consuming everything. Even the mother earth is so much damaged that it reacts violently; the global warming, depletion of ozone layer and the devastating consequences of ice caps melting. The greedy and glory seeking man has upset the natural balance so much so that scientist admit that, “The damage is now irreversible”. The juggernaut of economic growth is uncontrollable. “Corruption has appeared on land and sea as a consequence of man’s exploitation to give him fore taste of some of the fruits of his greed”. (Ar Rum)