Surah Ahzab: The Allies


Verse 70-73


This passage invites us to carry out two duties: one always to be conscious of Allah, aware of Him through remembrance and devotion; second is to speak the truth. The Quranic phrase ‘Qawlan Sadeeda’ actually means “to say that which hits the mark” i.e. it’s appropriate and said at relevant moments. It teaches us to speak honestly, be transparent, there should be no hidden meaning or hints to suspicion. Simply, speak clearly and fairly. The Quran is teaching us to avoid lying, gossiping, backbiting and making innuendos.

The believer who is both pious and speaks honestly is promised two things: one, Allah will help him in his works, deeds and activities and second his sins will be forgiven.

“We offered the trust”. Here Allah reminds mankind of the Amana, the enormous trust that man was given. Trust is something given to a person over which he has power, he is authorised to use it as directed, but he has the power to misuse it as well. Man is a trustee (Ameen) of that trust, over which he has power.

What is this trust? Commentators have given several explanations of this, the best is that it refers to “man’s free will. Man is free to choose between Iman and Kufr, faith and denial, between good and evil. The parable of presenting the trust to heaven and earth emphasises the enormity and importance of this trust, nothing in creation could bear this burden, nothing else is capable of bearing this burden, only man! Amana includes all the obligations and duties of the Sharia.

A natural consequence of being a trustee is that you are accountable, answerable and responsible. Betrayal of trust results in punishment and the next verse points that out clearly. Those who fail to live up to the responsibilities of a trustee, will be punished. People are divided into three categories according to their capability of fulfilling their responsibilities: hypocrites, they only fulfil the outward bear minimum of their duties; the idolaters, disobey outwardly and inwardly whilst the true believers carry out their duties diligently and carefully.

The free will and capacity to choose between right and wrong has made man the trustee and therefore he will be rewarded accordingly. This trust consists of two parts one is duties towards God and the other is duties towards fellow humans. The one who fulfils both in guaranteed success – Fauzan Azeeman, Supreme Success.