Spiritual Retreat


Every year, for one month I fast like all other Muslims, and for the last ten days of the month I go into a spiritual retreat, a period of seclusion for contemplation, deep reflection and sincere prayer. The sweetness and the calmness of that time spent in the mosque, place of prayer, cannot be described in words. It is redirecting the internal compass to spiritual realities. Along with six other companions, I found the retreat a powerful device for spiritual development as I disassociated myself from worldly affairs, spending day and night in remembrance of the Lord, an opportunity for forging an identity with the angels, non-material beings. What a wonderful way of unshackling the mind from worldly affairs.

A great Muslim teacher has likened the retreat in the mosque to a beggar who sits at the gates of the King’s palace, refusing to move until his wish has been granted – the wish was “O Lord! Forgive me my sins and give me strength to do that which is good”. As I walked out of the mosque at the end of the ten days, I felt lighter, and a bit wiser hopefully.