Silent Prayer To Save The Planet


Standing in the top deck of a cruise ship is the patriarch of Eastern Orthodox Church, Buddhist monk from Korea a Roman Catholic cardinal and representatives of other religions. As a Muslim representative I felt a great honour at being invited to for the silent prayer to save the planet. The backdrop is the stunning scenery of icebergs stretching endlessly in the distance it seems surreal. Yet what we were witnessing was so real the icebergs in Greenland are indeed melting apparently sign of global warming.

This was a part of a conference of religious leaders and scientists interested in the environment. The following joint statement by the world religious leaders was issued:

The Ice fjord Commitment

Statement by religious leaders at Ilulissat, Greenland 7th September 2007-10-14

Amidst the wisdom and majesty of water, ice and sunlight, we have each prayed within the realm of our own traditions.

Now we stand side by side in acknowledgement of our responsibility toward god’s creation.

We commit ourselves to the simplest acts of love, compassion and gratitude toward the vast web of life.

The earth is a living entity with incredible healing powers, and we have much to learn. It is the task of our generation to leave this sacred Earth, in all its wisdom and beauty to the generations to come.

Let the work begin.

We make this pledge before the whole of creation.

The silent prayer no matter how powerful can not save the planet by itself, it will only happen if all human beings work together for this most sacred goal.

O Lord give our political leaders the will, our scientists the knowledge and understanding and our industrial leaders the wisdom to act in time to save the earth. Ameen.