Shoes and mistrust


The other day I went to buy a pair of shoes. I soon found a good one so I tried it on.

It seemed fine. I was hoping that the sales assistant would help me. But she stood at a distance and said “ we are not allowed to fit shoes for adults”. I was a bit puzzled. I paid and left.

It dawned upon me that the reason why assistant didn’t help me was the fear of litigation. If anything went wrong she could be sued. And how right she is to dread that. Here in the city is a solicitors firm, which opened a new department for litigation only two years ago. Its authority department employing some seven people and the most profitable of all with “no win no fee” slogan everyone is going for someone!

How we have created a new culture of mistrust that could not be dreamt by the Victorians. Where human beings do not trust one another. This cynicism carried to its height. Trust is the foundation of all social interactions. Is this new social disane a symptom of lack of truthfulness and honesty?