Our relationship with Allah and with others

Everything is created, nothing was left to chance; challenging Darwinism

Knowledge as the tool to dispel the darkness from the mind and heart

Dawah; the responsibility of inviting people to Allah

Islam creates peace in the world

The Creator and the Creation

The Prophet PBUH bought light for us to see

The Companions of the Prophet were strong

Feelings and Logic

Leadership in Islam

The gift of Islam

The Prophet Joseph Forgives and Wins

Imaan (Belief); The Sixth Sense

Through the remembrance of Allah, hearts find solace and peace

Allah, the king of kings cannot be compared to the kings of this world

Saving your children by giving them the right education

The relationship between God and Man

The revolution that the teachings of Islam Brought

Ramadan; turning over a new leaf

The Moral and Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Ramadan; the month of the glorious Qur’an

Fasting; the cure to many spiritual and physical illnesses

Good deeds are wasted if your intentions are wrong

Giving up useless activities and true success

Islam came to spread peace and to fight extremism, the true meaning of Jihad

The rights and disobedience of the parents

The responsibilities of the parents

A Muslim is the one that listens, understands and practices

Eid Al Adha 2010

The titles of the Prophet Ibrahim AH

The Masjid is for the Muslim like water is for the fish

Satan’s Plot (Part 1)

Satan’s Plot (Part 2)

Tests are a means of developing us

The blessings of wudu and salaat in the masjid

Tests are a means of reflection and looking ahead