Quran Reading & Understanding Made Simple


Are you baffled, confused and bored when reading a Quran translation? It need not be like that! We have good news for you. Here is the crux of the problem with old Quran translations:

  • Fragmenting the Divine book into verses, so they are disjointed. No longer a coherent text. Prof Abdul Haleem (University of London) laments about this and calls it ‘versification’ and ‘atomisation’. Where verses are separated like in poetry, even on separate lines. This makes reading the Quran difficult; it no longer runs like coherent prose or a smooth narrative.
  • Lack of context, you don’t know the background of the revelation, the context is ignored. What were the circumstances of revelation? Who were the protagonists and detractors?

Introducing The Majestic Quran

So, we decided to tackle both problems head-on. We specially crafted the translation with the reader in mind. So, we did three things:

  1. Used plain English language, which is simple to understand; then the verses were grouped into thematic sections.
  2. Crafted concise headings for each section that provide a brief preview of the main topic, allowing you to easily identify each story’s start and end.
  3. Added an introduction to each Surat where we identified its central theme, its time and the circumstances of revelation. So, you know the context.

The presentation of The Majestic Quran is attractive and appealing. It overcomes the poor presentation of the translation as separate verses. Now it is coherent and joined making it smooth reading. Just as the original Divine word spoke eloquently and clearly to the Arabs. That’s natural and cool. We crafted it to closely mirror the original meaning using straightforward, contemporary English. This miraculous text astounded those who heard it 1400 years ago. We intend to preserve this impact in the English rendition.

You can now immerse yourself in Allah’s words. You will relish the moments of listening to the Kind Lord, you will be engrossed in the beautiful message and take guidance. A distinct benefit of this way of presenting the sacred text is that you begin to see the overarching story of the Surat unfold. How Allah reveals Himself, through the multifaceted stories. This way you will be immersed in Allah’s book, lost in its stories, relish the passages on paradise and be terrified of the Divine punishment of Hell. Once you’ve read the Surat, you’ll say with joy, ‘I’ve got it or most of it!’ InshaAllah.

How do we know it’s successful?

The Majestic Quran has rapidly attracted over 250,000 readers globally in a surprisingly short period and has also become an Amazon best-seller in the Quran category. A testimony to its success, Alhamdulillah.

So, we are developing more resources to help you access Allah’s word. I ask all teachers of the Quran and the wonderful Imams to get a copy and start teaching it to their congregation. I’m inviting you to build a relationship with the Author, the Wise Lord.

Resources to enhance the understanding of the Quran

We are busy developing resources to help you access Allah’s word, this includes:

The Majestic Quran (Hardback)Contains Arabic (available in indopak & Uthmani script) with English translation side by side.Indopak
The Majestic Quran (English only)Perfect to give as Dawah or to read whilst travelling or casually.Paperback
The Majestic Quran (Audiobook)Listen to Allah’s words explained clearly in simple language that will penetrate your heart.Audible
The Majestic Quran (Kindle)Beautifully designed and presented for an optimum reading experience.Kindle
The Majestic Quran (Mobile App)Our app brings the message of the Quran to your fingertips with intuitive navigation and rich, engaging features.Android
The Majestic Quran (A Summary of the 30 Chapters)Each chapter can be read in less than 10 minutes, perfect for those on the go.Paperback
The Key to Understanding the Quran: (Part 1)This brief guide will teach you the excellence and virtues of studying the Quran.Kindle
The Story of Joseph: Insights from Surah YusufThis book delves into the depths of Prophet Yusuf's story, offering a transformative exploration of faith, resilience and divine wisdom.Coming Soon (July 2024)
Adventures of the Prophets: Stories from the QuranThis book brings to life the thrilling journeys and timeless lessons of the Prophets written for children.Coming Soon (Sept 2024)


We are focused on helping you read and understand the Quran. The thousands of reviews of The Majestic Quran are humbling to read. People want to engage and understand Allah’s word, they want to reconnect with their Lord. So, I humbly request you to benefit from these resources, download them, buy them and share them.

You can also support us morally and financially to spread the message of the Quran far and wide. Why not support us through our Motivate a Million project? We’re excited to share the tremendous success of our initiative and invite you to join us in this mission. Would you be willing to help by distributing the Quran to your neighbours, work colleagues, your children’s school, or your local councillor? Together, we can make a significant impact.