The blessed Messenger ﷺ: “The perfection of your religion is in paying Zakat”


During Ramadhan, we are busy fasting to firm up the third pillar of Islam, Alhamdulillah. In Ramadhan, the value of virtuous activities is amplified 70 times, so many of us will pay Zakat during this time too. Have you considered the benefits of investing your Zakat for Islamic work in the UK? There is an urgent need. It will help secure the faith of your children and grandchildren. Our community needs Muslim institutions that cater for Islamic education, Dawah and building our reputation.

Zakat is the fourth pillar of Islam, it’s the giving of 2.5% of the annual savings to charity. The Majestic Quran lists the eight beneficiaries, “Zakat is for the poor; the needy; its administrators; people whose hearts and minds are to be won; buying freedom for slaves; people in debt; for the advancement of Allah’s cause; and a needy traveller. This is a duty instructed by Allah, and Allah is All-Knowing, Wise” (Tawbah: 60).

Benefits of giving

Those who spend their wealth seeking Allah’s pleasure – strengthen their faith – they are like an orchard on a hilltop when heavy rain comes, it produces a double yield, but even when there is no rainfall, drizzle or dew is enough. Allah sees all that you do” (Baqarah: 265).

This passage describes the generosity of some of the disciples who gave generously in charity, Abdul Rahman bin Auf gave 4,000 Dirhams, the Prophet (peace be upon him) was delighted and said, “May God increase what you have given and what you have kept”. Abu Uqail brought a bucket of dates and said I worked in the evening for two buckets, one I left for my family and the other is here. It’s this passion of the believers to spend in the path of God for which the Quran says, “for them is a never-ending reward”.

The Prophet praised those who spend in Allah’s way

  1. The Messenger of God (peace be upon him), was asked, “How do you regard someone who pays Zakat? He said, “he is protected from the evils of wealth” (Hakim).
  2. Hassan Basri, reported that the Messenger (peace be upon him) said, “fortify your wealth by giving Zakat, treat your sick by giving charity, face up to the tides of suffering with prayer and humility” (Abu Dawud).
  3. Alqama ibn Qays reported that the Messenger (peace be upon him) said to us, “the perfection of your religion is in paying Zakat” (Tabarani).

Give your Zakat to Karimia Institute – Spend in Allah’s way

Karimia Institute provides educational services, Dawah activities and winning the hearts and minds of non-Muslims. These activities are fit for Zakat. British Muslims are in dire need of institutions that meet the growing Islamic educational needs of children and young people, the quality of educational provision, resources and teachers all require investment. Your Zakat will be used for this.

Islam is a religion for the whole of humankind so its obligatory we share our Islamic faith and its teachings with people around us, your Zakat will help deliver this.

Many British people are fearful of Muslims because of the negative media images. This has a profound impact on how they think and behave towards us, friendly or unfavourably. Children suffer in school, young people can’t get decent jobs, Muslim businesses suffer. Through interfaith work and trust-building, we are tackling Islamophobia by sharing Islam with non-Muslims. Your Zakat will help further this vital work. Very few Muslim organisations are doing this kind of work.


The work of Karimia Institute is providing the British Muslims with quality Islamic educational resources, we have produced the most children-friendly online Islamic education curriculum, click HERE for more details. For Dawah our translation of The Majestic Quran is an amazing book to give to anyone. Visit our Invitation Magazine website where you will find many articles on a variety of interesting topics. I urge all my friends and readers of Friday Reflections to support us, so our faith is protected, perfected and fortified. That’s what the beloved Messenger (peace be upon him) said.

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