Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund


By Qazi Azmat Isa (Chief Executive Officer )

The lockdown measures across Pakistan since 24th March have been most challenging. Those already living on the edge have been affected the most by increasing unemployment, reducing sources of informal income, limiting access to markets and increasing food insecurity.

To mitigate this, the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) has launched its COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. We are channelling our support to the most vulnerable and the initial rollout is reaching out to over 70,000 households across 20 of the poorest districts of the country. Our support is also going out in innovative ways to make a difference, especially in the health sector. We have also prepared an economic revival package with the aim of increasing self-reliance, through a combination of interest-free loan products with easy payment schedules and economic revival initiatives focusing on the rural poor.

Looking ahead, there is a need for greater global coordination to manage the risk of COVID-19. It requires investment in public health infrastructure and regulatory measures for food price stability. At the same time, we are seeing opportunities for innovation arising out of this crisis as digital competitiveness will be key to economic recovery.

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