New Imperialism

In the early hours of Monday morning Paul Bremmer American Governor of Iraq handed over Iraq’s sovereignty to the American hand picked Iraqi government. This unceremonious handing of power to American loyal junta is a classic example of imperialism. The American aim is to control Iraq. Why does America want to control a country thousands of miles away?

Mawgeri senior vice president of Italian oil company writing in News Week talks about, the virgin oilfields of Iraq, and says “a large part of the country is still mainly unexplored of the 80 oilfields discovered only 21 have been developed. It’s estimated that it has reserves of 200 billion barrels and it is therefore the fulcrum of any future equilibrium in the global oil market. The temptation for outsiders to grab a state like Iraq is enormous but it would be a tragic mistake.”

The victims of this war have not just been the 800 US, 200 British and 20,000 Iraqi soldiers. The victims of this war have not just been the 11,000 Iraqi civilians. The victims of this war have not just been the 35,000 injured civilians. But the biggest casualty has been the truth.

“Imperialism” said Mao Tse Tung “is a paper tiger”, sooner or later its secret is discovered and it’s ripped apart.

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