Month of Ramadhan


For Farida Begum, a mother of three, today is a special day. It is Ramadhan, a month in which Muslims world over will be fasting. Farida and her family’s daily routines are going to change drastically during the month. She will wake up very early in the morning at 5 o clock. They will have a good breakfast as they will remain without any food and drink for the fourteen hours.

The sixteen mosques and Islamic centres in Nottingham will be jam packed tonight and every night for the rest of the month.

Fasting is a universal spiritual ritual; it not only develops self-control, but also can be a powerful means of awakening God-consciousness. The long spells of hunger and thirst help Farida to empathise with the hungry and poor people of the world. No wonder during this month of righteousness, Muslim charities collect millions of pounds for the suffering and the needy people.

Of course Farida will shed a few pounds of flab this month, but fasting is not a dietary exercise. Yes it will detoxify him but its essence is to temperorarily withdraw from the pleasures of the material world and be in tune with the Divine and connects with the Gracious Lord.