The Blessed, Beautiful and Bountiful Month of Ramadhan is here, so enjoy it!


Month of Ramadhan is when Muslims globally will be fasting. Let’s welcome it with repentance and awe of the Mighty Lord. Our daily routines will drastically change, we will wake up in the early hours of the morning, pray Tahajjud, have a healthy Suhoor and then pray Fajr salah. The calmness and the freshness of the morning make this an ideal time for the recitation of The Majestic Quran. After all, Ramadhan is the month of the Quran. “The Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadhan; the Quran is a guidance for all people, it has clear teachings and distinguishes right from wrong; whoever is present in the month must fast” (Al-Baqarah:185).

Ramadhan: The month of the Quran

How familiar are you with the Quran? How many stories of the Quran do you know? What about the parables of the Quran that you know? How many proverbs of the Quran do you know? There are many aspects for you to explore including the Quran’s teachings on:

  • Worship and devotion to Allah
  • His beautiful names and amazing creative power are seen in the creation around us
  • The vivid description of the delights of Heaven and the horrors of Hell
  • Moral character includes virtues like; kindness, goodness, gratitude, generosity, courage, justice
  • A spiritual relationship with Allah, the Mighty Creator
  • Responsibilities towards fellow human beings e.g. rights of parents, children, relatives, friends, community, fellow workers

Ramadhan is time for you to catch up and learn, an opportunity for self-assessment, to explore your relationship with the Quran. Once we make this kind of careful and thoughtful assessment of our knowledge and understanding, we will identify the gaps and then begin to fill them. This is meditation and reflection, the Prophet (peace be upon him) commended “a moment’s reflection is better than 60 years of worship.”


Fasting is a universal spiritual ritual that develops self-control and awakens Allah-consciousness. The long spells of hunger and thirst help us to empathise with the hungry and poor people of the world. No wonder during the month of piety, Muslims give charity generously. Of course, we will shed a few pounds of fat and improve our health. Yes, it will get rid of lots of toxins stored in our flab, but its essence is to temporarily withdraw from the pleasures of the material world, be in tune with the Divine and reconnect with the Gracious Lord. So, get your Majestic Quran translation out and start reading it with the intention to learn and understand.