Maximising the Potential of 2024


Can I be free of worry? How can I escape anxiety? Where is happiness? Where can I find peace and serenity? Are you wondering if there is a wonder drug that can give me satisfaction and a sense of purpose? Powerful questions indeed. Let’s explore the solution.

The Majestic Quran teaches believers to always be upbeat, positive and cheerful. The reason being “…the coming time will be better for you than the past” (Duha: 4). And “I swear by time, people are in loss. Except those who have faith, do good deeds, are patient and speak the truth” (Al-Asr). The key lesson here is the good use of time that brings success, whilst wasting it inevitably leads to loss.

What is impossible for you is not impossible for the Creator

“Every person will taste death” (Ale Imran:185). The Quran reminds us time and time again that no one can escape the talons of death. So, imagine you are told that you only have 24 hours to live; 1440 minutes and 86,400 seconds before you take your last breath. How would you spend those 24 hours before you return to Allah?

Perhaps you may start by prioritising tasks and people. You may even realise that you can’t please everyone, and must let go of certain interests or people. Consider the people you spend time with, and ask yourself, ‘Am I pleasing my Lord in these interactions, so that when I meet Him tomorrow, He will be pleased?’

Maybe you’ll strive to resist your desire, lust and impulsive urges. You’ll find yourself following the path of Allah, living like the pious and God-conscious individuals who yearn to meet the Lord. You will spend your wealth in Allah’s way, testifying to your faith and love for Allah by declaring that He is dearer to you than material possessions.

Why wait until your last 24 hours to align your actions with your true purpose? Your deepest convictions? In the glorious tradition of New Year’s resolutions, here is a genuine resolution to help you get one step closer to your spiritual ascension.

My New Year’s resolution: I will learn, understand & share the Quran

Allah says: “People, your Lord’s teachings have come to you, for the believers they are a healing balm for the diseases of the heart, and guidance and goodwill for believers. Say, “It is Allah’s grace and His kindness; so, rejoice at that, for it is better by far than all the wealth that they accumulate” (Yunus: 57-58).


Your knowledge of the Quran outweighs any significance than any degree you may possess, the amount in your bank balance or your level of seniority within your company. Until you understand the Quran, you are deprived of the greatest gift of Allah. The Quran introduces you to Allah, and importantly to yourself. Without the words of Allah, you are lost with no direction. The Quran teaches you the truth about yourself. The Quran will diagnose your illness, it will prescribe the correct medicine. When you follow Quran’s prescription you will be healed.

So, if you’ve been poor at Quran reading in the past, why not start the new year with a bang! My kind Lord, I repent, and turn to you sincerely, so forgive me. Lord, I repent. Ameen.

Start straight away, be brave, and enjoy a great journey of understanding the Quran. Remember, intentions are more important than actions, keep your intentions right. With pure genuine intentions, good actions follow and Allah makes the actions easy. There must be contemplation, focus on the lessons for oneself, and intention to be a better person. Things done together last longer, and are more effective, try to be part of a Quran Reading Circle, or start one by yourself.