Marriage, Motherhood & Fatherhood: The Foundations of a Flourishing Family


This week I will review my new book ‘Read This Before You Marry’ co-authored by an amazing young entrepreneur Adeem Younis. I envision this book becoming a staple in every household with teenagers, sparking their interest in the foundations of family-building from an early age. Marriage is a great institution that leads to a prosperous and faithful society.

In a society where many people question the necessity of marriage, seeing it as outdated and irrelevant. We wrote this book to encourage aspiring mothers and fathers to get married. So, we started by discussing the reasons why the institution of marriage is important. Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Marriage is half the faith and complete the other half by developing Taqwa” (Bayhaqi).

Unrealistic expectations of marriage

We are bombarded by different concepts of romance in the media, which is clouding people’s expectations and beliefs. The music we listen to is about ‘love’ and illicit relationships, the books we read and the celebrity gossip we follow on social media, all of these condition us to have unhealthy expectations of what relationships should be. ‘Reality shows’ and ‘Soaps’ abound on TV. Everywhere we look the sanctity of marriage is being eroded and I know that a lot of our young people are being dragged into this, normalising what is effectively haram or strictly forbidden in Islam and most other religions.

Sadly, even some Muslims are beginning to question, what is the need for a commitment like marriage. Or why do we need a piece of paper to validate our relationship? Relationships like everything else have become about instant gratification and so are disposable like paper plates. This book is for everyone: Parents, preachers, teachers, aunts, uncles and grandparents keen to fulfil Allah’s order “Help the unmarried people amongst you to marry” (Al-Nur: 32).

The content of the book is arranged logically in chapters

  1. Are you ready for Marriage?
  2. Are you the One?
  3. Now, you’re engaged
  4. Preparing for the Big Day
  5. Making it Work
  6. Sex & Intimacy in Marriage
  7. Discussing Divorce
  8. May Allah put Blessings upon You
  9. The Marriage Navigator

As a Muslim, you’re fulfilling the wishes of the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself; as a member of the community, you’re stepping up to the mark; as a human being, you’re diving headfirst into what could be the most incredibly fulfilling experience of your lifetime.

This book is a guide, a manual and ignites the will to get married. So how does a young Muslim navigate relationships today with all these conflicting messages? At a time when secular forces are working hard to undermine this sacred human institution. It is even more important to remind young people about the sanctity of marriage and the key role it plays in building and strengthening faith.

Empowering Gen Z for Marriage and Beyond

Adeem Younis wrote in the introduction “I am honoured to have been able to collaborate with Dr Musharraf … this book will be appealing to the younger generation, sometimes known as ‘Gen Z’. These are the young men and women of our communities who are just starting, mostly in their early 20s, who are building careers, friendship groups and lasting family bonds. They are our future, and we will depend on them to help us continue to protect and preserve Islam, our faith and culture”.

Finally, the Prophet (peace be upon him) recommended marrying young. Traditionally, families arranged the marriages. But now increasingly, young people are making their own choices about who they will marry. Therefore, I highly recommend you read this book. It’s a scholarly-based explanation of everything young Muslims need to consider before setting out on the road to marriage. Click HERE to order your copy.