A tribute to Maqsood Ahmed OBE



Maqsood Ahmed has made key contributions to socio-religious development of Muslim community in Britain. Since the past 20 years Maqsood has worked tirelessly serving the Muslim community in a variety of roles, from advisor at law centre in Leicester to project coordinator at Watford Borough Council. He has supported the Muslim community by providing welfare advice. Maqsood Ahmed is a practising Muslim, devout, sincere and committed to the Islamic ideals of peace and justice. One of his outstanding contributions to the development to the Muslim community has been the fundamental changes concerning the religious traditions for the prisoners of different faiths.

From 1999-2003 Maqsood worked as the first Muslim advisor to the HM prison service. During these four years Maqsood struggled hard to change the Church of England lead chaplaincy into a multifaith one. He managed to appoint Muslim chaplains in prisons who could provide pastoral and spiritual care to prisoners. As a result of this work he was awarded an OBE.

Since 2003 Maqsood is the senior Minority faith Advisor at the department of communities and local government. His main task is to engage with faith communities; in particular he works closely with the Muslim community. His role being one of promoting community cohesion, through promoting better understanding of interfaith, engaging the community with government projects and encouraging Muslim community to participate in them.