Make poverty history


I loved to watch the adventure of star trek on different planets. I wonder what they would say about planet earth today. Perhaps something like this:

This is Starfleet command – Brown and company from planet mars has commissioned work on strategy to make “poverty history” on earth.

Recent reconnaissance reports indicate some major discrepancies between the north and the south.

A team are beamed down in Africa with a landing party consisting of captain Kirk, Dr McCoy and Mr Spock. Scanners report an atmosphere to be breathable but they’re receiving confusing reports about the water being drinkable. The sheer number of people on this continent is staggering (1 billion). Dr McCoy’s reports give a sad reading of biometric data: 90 % children malnourished, 50% adults men and women emaciated, life expectancy is 35 years. Only getting a third of calories they need. In- factious diseases are rife, more than 20% infected with HIV and 10% have TB. Their advanced high tech scanners record every detail of the wretched continent.

The party is now beamed to Gibraltar just 10 miles from Africa to Europe.

Members of my party quickly get down to work. The biometric data is completely the reverse of AFRICA.

50% of people are overweight no sign of malnourished children. Life expectancy is 80 years. No infectious diveals, water is pure etc.

Mr Spock concludes this highly illogically. Across the strait humanity is dying in pain and here they are arguing about how to dispose the mountains of butter and lakes of milk and honey to spend trillions of dollars. His final words are beam me up Scotty!