I, me and mine


Psychologists have shown a direct correlation between high blood pressure and heart disease on the one hand and the overuse of pronouns I, me and mine. Suggesting that self-centeredness and selfishness has bad effect on ones physical well being. Perhaps this is why religious teachings encourage unselfishness and altruism; the regard for others and having concern and care for others well being.

The prophet Muhammad (SAW) taught; “God helps the person who helps his brother” and said “you cannot be a true believer until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”

This results in opening up as one shifts focus from oneself to others and by reaching out to them. When asked to describe feelings after being kind and generous people often use words that express joy, euphoria and even ecstasy! Whereas acts of selfishness like cheating or being nasty to someone produce the very opposite of this anger and sadness.

One other devastating impact of this self-centeredness is that we begin to feel independent of others as though we do not need others. This false sense of independence further leads to selfishness and isolation as one begins to live alone. Perhaps this is why we have the highest number of people living single ever in our history;

Children living independently of parents relatives and there is no real sense of relationships. On the other hand by sharing our wealth, talents and time with others we express we are independent we need one another and we express we are interpedently we need one another and we are connected as one.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once described the “best person” as the one who benefits others most.

Let us pray, O Lord almighty, grant us a generous heart so that we may share your gifts with others, make us gentle so we may find it easy to be kind to our parents, children, relatives and friends.