Hunting for a satisfying job


For the past five weeks we have seen several men frantically searching for the top CEO job in the country. There were many positive characteristics shown during this election campaign by the aspiring PMS, passion zeal, energy, the courage and sparks on ingenuity characteristic we could all emulate.

However, there were some negative aspects like cynicism towards their opponents and at worse rudeness. It put many parents in a difficult position-what would you say to your six year old child when he asks you, ‘dad did Mr Blair really lie about the Iraq war?’ It is a serious dilemma in either case you condone lying or slandering. Which one do you chose. I certainly could not answer my six-year-old Ahmad.

One outstanding characteristic of our politicians was the broad smile. All of them displayed it generously and regularly even when faced with angry voters. Now, that I call true generosity. A smile doesn’t show happiness but indicates that they were enjoying every bit of this campaign despite the miserable polls for some.

What is the moral? Well smile all the time at work with your colleagues, at home with your family. A Muslim tradition says, ‘Smiling is charity’ Give everyone a loving smile which says ‘I really respect you and what your saying’ in this way you too may get a top job.