Getting the Most Out of Your Quran Reading


reading quran

The Quran will have little effect on your life if you do not know what it is saying. The Quran is the leading text for connecting with Allah. It is the word of Allah. Muslims often use verses of the Quran, read the commentaries and admire the logic, the beauty of the words and their proverbial meanings. However, there is a danger in looking at the Quran as a collection of proverbs, pious phrases and maxims rather than a cohesive thematic text.

Understanding the essence of the Quran

Any author would cringe at the thought of a reader opening their book on page 11 and randomly picking out a sentence or a phrase and then quoting it out of context. Unfortunately, we often do this with the Quran and this is a poor way of studying it. We have been advocating that we focus on the themes of the Quran and study the full narrative.

So, in my translation ‘The Majestic Quran‘, I have divided each surah into sections that signify a story, a theme or a message. Each section has a heading that sums up the meaning of the section. The Quran is the book of Allah, in it He is inspiring and motivating human beings to believe, trust and restore the broken relationship since He is the Lord. He wants his beloved creation to communicate with Him, worship Him and live a life that is nourishing.

The Quran: A bridge to Divine connection

The Quran is the light that reveals eternal truths, a book that has authoritative arguments for the Divine, teachings full of wisdom. So, for the lovers of the Quran studying it is like searching for gold or silver. A precious exercise, so you must search in the right place for it, this requires knowing the themes of Quranic Surahs, familiarity with its contents and subject index.

By reading the introduction to the Surahs in The Majestic Quran you will learn this. Get familiar with the contents page of the Quran and see how the Surahs are masterly arranged in groups.

To enhance your understanding and engagement, once a topic ignites your interest, diligently seek out more information on it. After pinpointing the relevant sections, immerse yourself in thorough reading. During this process, actively question and reflect on the material to deepen your comprehension. You can use these questions to help you:

  • What cautionary advice should be heeded?
  • What beneficial outcome can be anticipated?
  • What negative behaviour or practice should be stopped?
  • What directive or guideline should be adhered to?
  • What valuable insight or learning can be derived?
  • What fundamental principle should be adopted and incorporated?
  • What positive model or exemplar should be emulated?

A life shaped by the Quran

Our teachers would often share a story that captured the life of a woman who was profoundly connected to the Quran. This woman’s love and dedication to the Quran were so deep that it became a fundamental part of her being. Whenever she was asked any question, regardless of its nature, her response would invariably be a verse or phrase from the Quran. Her answers were not just recitations; they were imbued with a depth of understanding and wisdom that seemed to transcend ordinary knowledge.

Her life was a testament to the way the Quran can guide and illuminate. Every aspect of one’s existence serves as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and moral guidance. Her story served as an inspiration to us. A reminder of the profound impact that deep devotion and understanding of spiritual texts can have on a person’s life and the lives of those around them.

To further aid your understanding of the Quran keep a journal. Write down the answers the Quran gives you, and you will be amazed at the wisdom you glean. You will be thrilled by the success principles you learn. Your anxieties will lift, your mind will clear, and you will experience peace insha’Allah.