Five Powerful Reasons to Study the Quran Seriously


If you aren’t a serious student of the Quran yet, I invite you to now Study the Quran seriously. How can you afford to waste precious time? And how can you neglect your Creator and Sustainer? Or how can you be so shallow? The reading of The Majestic Quran will give you a purpose and make you devout and deeply thoughtful.

  1. The Quran teaches you to live a purposeful life

As the representatives of Allah on earth, life takes on significant meaning, to worship the Lord and appreciate and value the gifts and bounties that He has blessed us with. The aim is to live a good life that pleases the Lord and be able to live in His proximity in heaven in the hereafter. So, human life is a journey on earth, a probationary period of doing good that then entitles us to Divine proximity in paradise and the beatific vision in the hereafter.

Imagine you’re on a plane, en route to your dream holiday. After welcoming you on board the pilot says, “enjoy your meal and just to let you know we don’t have an exact destination. That’s right, we’re just going to keep flying until we run out of fuel and drop into the ocean.” Wouldn’t you be shocked to the core? Wouldn’t you scream at the top of your voice, “stop and land now!”. No matter how wonderful the journey is, what’s the point if there’s no destination?

  1. The Quran reasons using examples from nature

The intricate and complex mathematical design of the material and living world is so accurate that it’s impossible to argue there’s no designer. The big bang theory explains what happened at the beginning of the universe and discoveries in astronomy show beyond doubt that the universe did in fact have a beginning. Prior to that moment, there was nothing; during and after that moment there was something, our universe. In other words, the universe was created, who caused the big bang? Who was ‘the first cause?’ That was Allah, the magnificent creator.

  1. The Quran provides guidance for developing a strong character

A major objective of Islamic teachings and preaching is to help people develop strong character, which is reflected in their lives as kindness, generosity, patience, and forgiveness. The aim is to produce good citizens capable of distinguishing right from wrong and who are capable of doing the right things.

  1. The Quran is Allah’s authentic word

The Quran has remained unchanged for more than 14 centuries. Its authenticity and accuracy are proved beyond doubt, there are millions of Huffaz. People who have memorised the entire Quran from cover to cover. Its inimitable style, powerful rhetoric and challenging questions are evidence of its divine nature.

  1. The Quran inspires faith and devotion to the Creator

Islamic teachings brought about a massive change in human history, it taught people to use reason, logic and observations. Three foundations of scientific and empirical methods. That’s why Muslims are the founders of modern science. Similarly, it revolutionised other fields of human endeavour. Justice and human brotherhood in politics, kindness and forgiveness in society. Islam preached equality of all races, the brotherhood of man, it stood up for the oppressed and the needy and vulnerable in society.


The Quran gives hope, meaning and purpose to life. A godless, denier and disbeliever has no hope.

W.O. Saunders an American writer and publisher remarked, “‘I’d like to introduce you to one of the loneliest and unhappiest individuals on earth. The man who doesn’t believe in God. I can introduce you to such a man because I am one. You’ll be surprised to know that the agnostic envies your faith in God, your settled belief in a heaven after life. Your blessed assurance that you’ll meet your loved ones in the Hereafter where there’ll be neither sadness nor pain. He’d give anything to be able to embrace that faith and be comforted by it, but for him there is only the grave and the persistence of matter… I find neither ecstasy nor happiness…He may put on a brave front, but he isn’t happy… His heart aches for every precious life upon the raft – drifting, drifting, drifting, whither no one knows.”

To enhance your journey as a student of the Quran, I’m pleased to introduce our Quran Journal as a valuable tool. Quran journaling serves as a means of self-reflection, personal growth, and strengthening our bond with Allah’s book. Through the practice of journaling, you can delve deeper into Quranic verses and passages. You will gain profound insights and guidance to navigate life’s challenges and deepen your faith and connection with Allah.