Eid ul-Fitr Khutbah 2005


All praise is for the Lord of the Universe and His blessings upon his choicest servant Muhammad (SAW)

Dear brothers, you must not disassociate yourself from the Muslim community. You are neither superior nor inferior then anyone else. We are all one, muslims, believers in Allah and followers of Muhammad (SAW) In fact the entire humanity is Allah’s family. The best amongst you is the one who loves Allah’s family most.

We muslims have a distinct responsibility of healing not hurting: “A muslim is one from whose tongue and hands others are safe.”

Sadly, there are a few anarchist amongst muslims who hurt rather than heal.

Do they not understand that Islam is a hospital. It is for treating the sickness of the heart. This hospital treats moral vices, like greed, envy, arrogance and anger. This hospital of Allah heals the social ills of the society like drugs, domestic violence and family break ups. This hospital of Islam cures the spiritual diseases like hypocrisy, doubts, superstitions, hopelessness, materialism and consumerism. The Director of this hospital is Muhammad (SAW) who hands out the prescriptions for our sickness.

The Glorious Quran is the pharmacy from where we can pickup the medicine. Allah says “To you has come a reminder from your Lord and a healing for sickness of the heart and for those who believe guidance and mercy.”

Abu Shurah (RA) says: One day the Messenger (SAW) came upon us and said “Do you not witness that there is no God but Allah and that I am the Messenger (SAW)?” We said “yes we do believe.” Then he said: “One end of this Glorious Quran is in the hands of Allah whilst the other end is in you hands. Hold firmly to it so that you will not go astay, neither will you perish.”

Here are some Prophetic prescriptions for our spiritual illnesses. The Quran says: “And hurry to your Lord’s forgiveness and Paradise is prepared for the God fearing.”

Hadith 1: A man came to the Messenger (SAW) and asked “what is the best charity?” He replied, “to give when you are healthy and needy and constantly in fear of poverty and ambitious to become rich. Do not delay until death comes to you and then you will say for so and so, that and this..

Hadith 2: The Messenger (SAW) said “hurry to do seven things: are you waiting for abject poverty, or wealth that leads to extravagance, or debilitating illness, or disabling old age, or sudden death, or the mischief of the dajjal, or the last hour.