London Attacks


As the dust settles after the London bombings and the period of mourning is over we can begin to reflect on the causes. Nothing can justify the murdering of innocent civilians, nor can the victims and their families be compensated. We send our condolences to the bereaved and pray for the recovery of the injured. However we must not let the truth be buried along with the dead. Truth must be uncovered and justice be done. But how and who will look for truth?

Already the fingers are being pointed at the Muslims in general and the imams and mosques in particular. Yet the four terrorists had no connections with any mosques or imams, to quote a local paper they were “British at core, educated in mainstream schools and living like any young person in west Yorkshire”. It is sad to see that every journalist who knows a little bit about Muslims has suddenly become an expert on Muslim community affairs and theorizing and making proposals to solve this enigma.

Here are just three from the plethora of experts: one suggested the way to tackle these extremist people is to liberate Muslim women, make them immodest so that they can look these men in their eyes, that will defeat the terrorists. The second says the term “British Muslims is a nonsense” and multiculturalism is a sham. The third is someone sitting in New York, who has perhaps never seen a West Yorkshire lad giving his wisdom “it is time that Muslims examined themselves.”

No wonder we will not get to the roots of the causes of terrorism. I believe there are three major causes, which may have driven these `ordinary` young people to commit such a horrendous crime.

These are firstly the contrast and sensationalized news from Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya etc. The result of this humiliation, the wailing of the Palestinian mother, the cries of an Iraqi father can make anyone angry who has a slight sense of justice.

Secondly, majority of the British people believe that the Iraq war was illegal and immoral and as the reputable think tank of Chatham house said in its report of the war says “the risk of terrorism against Britain has increased.”

So the government’s evil and wrong policies, which are based on double standards, are potent influence.

The third factor, which could affect young people so adversely as to make them terrorists, is the influence of extremists. Admittedly there are some extremists in the UK far better known to the MI5 and security officials than to any imam. These elements must be dealt with swiftly.

So we need to do these 3 things, decrease the diatribe about hotspots in the Muslim world. Secondly put an end to immoral and double standards in the foreign policy and lastly to scoop out extremists.

The Muslim community must engage its youth. Extremists must be sorted out, dejected reported and repelled from our mosques and centres. Secondly the standard of teaching the quran must be enhanced, the translation of the glorious quran must be taught. The quality of other services and facilities like sports and recreation must be improved.

All this requires more trained youth workers and English speaking imams and teachers. The government must encourage more Muslims to go into teaching so they can be role models for young people. There is a real need to train more youth and community workers.