Daily Quran reading is inspiring and enriching


The Quran presents a big story where the Lord Almighty is the Creator, He created a universe where the choicest of His creation are Humans. He gave them the choice, freedom to accept or reject Him, to recognise Him, or to ignore Him, obey or disobey Him and love or loathe Him. Allah gave humans all the means, resources and tools to know Him, to discover Him and to love Him. So, the Quran tells this story and the consequences of ignoring and turning back on the loving Lord.

Allah says “We created the first human from dried clay out of dark mud, before which We created the jinn from smokeless fire. Remember when Your Lord said to the angels, “I am creating a human with dried clay out of dark mud. Once I have shaped and blown My spirit into him, then prostrate before him” (Al-Hijr: 26-29).

Allah shows great concern for your needs, pains and sufferings because He is the Kind, the Caring. He answers your prayer that reflects your faith, not your needs, since your needs can be false, imagined and even dangerous for you. “Say: My servants who wronged themselves, don’t be hopeless of Allah’s Kindness; Allah forgives all the sins, He is the Forgiver, the Kind” (Az-Zumar: 53). You don’t know that only Allah knows the secrets. But your faith is true that is why strengthening your faith is so important. But, how do you do that?

Faith comes by hearing and listening to the word of Allah, by reading the word of Allah. It works like this, learn the words of Allah (Quran), understand them, put them into practice and things will begin to change for the better in your life. “Whenever the Quran is recited, listen to it carefully, and be silent so that you may benefit from it. Humbly remind yourself morning and evening of Your Lord and be in awe of Him, without speaking loud and don’t be one of the neglectful” (Al-A’raf: 204-205).

The Quran refreshes and revives the heart

Malik Ibn Dinar the pious scholar among the successors of the companions, once said to his students, “People of the Quran, do you know what the Quran sows in your hearts? It’s like the rain that revives dead soil.” The daily chores and conflicts of life take their toll on our emotional well-being, the study of the Quran is an effective way of refreshing yourself.

Human beings can’t be directly spoken to by Allah, except by revelation from behind a screen, or an angel by the Divine command brings the revelation. He is the Exalted, the Wise. So, We revealed to you the Quran when you didn’t know the details of faith or the Scripture. We made it a light and We guide with it whom We please from among Our servants. And you are guiding them to a straight path, the path of Allah – His is what is in the heavens and the Earth – in the end, all things will return to Allah” (Al-Shura: 51-53).

It’s so sad that so many of us don’t make time to read the Quran. Instead, we engage ourselves on social media, listening to music, watching films/TV, playing silly games but we don’t have time for the Quran.

The best way that we can change our lives, the ummah and the world is to bond strongly with Allah through The Majestic Quran. This is how the disciples did it before us, by helping individuals transform their personal relationships with the Quran and live a Quranic lifestyle. We dream of not only contributing to positive change but to kindling a revival in our religious society.