Motivate a Million: “Convey from me to others even if it’s one verse”

The Majestic Quran

We believe that the Quran is Allah’s word, the Divine speech full of wisdom, it’s a clear book that has the power to change lives, not only it is guidance packed with lessons but also deep insights revealing the mysteries of life. It’s considered to be the light of conscience, healing the sicknesses of the heart and mind. A manual that guides to a straight path, the spirit of Islam. It’s the rope that binds us with our loving Lord. The Majestic Quran gives good news to its followers and warns the deniers. Therefore, Motivate a Million is aiming to achieve just that.

The Messenger (peace be upon him) said, “it exalts many, while others are let down.” Those who follow it are exalted and those who ignore it are despised. We can really be proud of having Allah’s speech in our hands, hearts and minds, we beautify our art with its calligraphy, and we adorn our homes with its verses. A book so precious, guidance that’s so effective and wisdom so thorough, it must be shared with our family, relatives and neighbours. Yes, that’s what the Motivate a Million project is all about.

Motivate a Million: A Quran for everyone

The politicians’ mandate to make laws comes from people’s votes. However, our mandate comes from Allah’s beloved Prophet (peace be upon him), he said, “Convey from me to others even if it’s one verse” (Bukhari). The distribution of the Quran is an expression of a Muslim’s love of Allah’s book. The desire to share it with others, to give them the most precious gift. Also, it represents a sincere commitment to peace and humanity’s welfare. For instance, the positive feedback we got from distributing the Quran at the House of Parliament spurred us to be more generous and distribute the Quran more widely.

Our vision:
  • To make the Quran readily available to a million people who may never otherwise ever see it.
  • To offer the Quran to young Muslims, so that to teach them how to engage with it and be blessed with Divine guidance.
  • To present the Quran to influential people in society; public, private and voluntary sectors. In order to help them to understand Islam and Muslims better.
  • To help people recognise the value of the Quran for themselves, their families, and society.
The outcomes:
  1. To help the average Brit to know Muslims in a better light.
  2. To tackle Islamophobia and build trust between communities.
  3. To restore the Muslim image as honest and hard-working citizens.
Our plan is to distribute the Quran to:
  • Leaders in different parts of British society; public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Leaders of countries; presidents, prime ministers, chancellors etc.
  • Leaders of our local towns/cities; councillors, headteachers, managers and directors, hospitals, prisons, private companies.
  • Our neighbours; give a Quran to your neighbours and those living in your area.
  • Young Muslims and teach them how to engage with it and be blessed with Divine guidance.
  • Dawah tables and shops that distribute Islamic literature.
  • Masajid and Islamic centres for their congregation and inter-faith projects.
  • Non-Muslims who are interested in Islam and want to learn more.
  • People who set up Quran study circles; at colleges/universities or even in their homes.
How can you be part of this wonderful project?

This Ramadan I invite you to become an Ambassador or Champion of the Quran, we will support you in the following ways to help you raise this amount.

    • We can arrange fundraising events in partnership with you
    • We can offer you fundraising training
    • We can support you at fundraising events with our staff
    • We can work with you to look at new innovative ways of fundraising
You have our commitment

The average cost of putting a Quran into someone’s hands is £5. In fact, this includes administrative, fundraising, production and placement expenses. Therefore, the Quran won’t be distributed randomly. We appreciate the value of your donations and are committed to ensuring they are used where the impact will be greatest.

Without delay, Let’s do something amazing together and connect people to the word of Allah, at home and across the world. Become a supporter of Motivate a Million this Ramadan.

I ask you to pray for those who want to read and study the Quran, but don’t know how to. I pray that they may receive the Quran in a way that meets their needs, whether it is digital, print or audio. Finally, I ask Allah to guide Karimia’s trustees, staff, volunteers and all those who are actively supporting us in this amazing project.