Charity and Thanksgiving


There are young men practising cricket, some superb fast bowlers and others first class batsmen. I compliment them well done Ahmed! That’s great. Sadly the relies to my cries of applaud is often ‘No! No! Its not good’ or ‘it wasn’t that good’. They deny themselves the praise they deserve. No matter how good their performance the individual always denies the excellence.

Of course you will say the young chap was being modest. But at the same time unwittingly they were insulting me. What they were saying to me was, ‘Musharraf you’re a fool, how could you possibly think I was like Shoaib Akhtar or Flintoff’ Pretty rude behaviour towards someone who is trying to appreciate and encourage you.

The moral of this story is that we should accept the praise with gratitude and open-mindedly receive the gifts that others are offering us. The prophet Muhammad taught, ‘Whoever does not thank people does not thank God’. Saying ‘thank you’ to someone is wonderful way of acknowledging a gift its so simple yet very effective.