Being mindful in a foggy misty world: The meaning of Taqwa (Part 2)


Last week I defined Taqwa as a state of mindfulness and awareness to spiritual realities and wakefulness to the fleeting nature of worldly life, this sobriety makes the faithful conscious of serving Allah and avoiding His displeasure. Today we continue to look at the impacts of this attitude on our lives, its fruits and its positive effect on our way of life.

The fruits of Taqwa

The pious are spiritually awake, close to their Lord and connected to nature. Such an enlightened person is promised great rewards here and in the hereafter.

The pious one lives in Allah’s company

Know that Allah is with the pious” (Tawbah: 36). Allah will be enough for them, He is hearing and knowing. They are guaranteed help, support, success and good fortunes leading to prosperity. The pious have the comfort of knowing that Allah’s kindness, grace and favours are with them.

Knowledge and wisdom lead to a pure life

Believers, if you are mindful of Allah He will give you the standard to judge between right and wrong, and He will cover up your wrongdoings and forgive you. Allah is Gracious in His favour” (Anfal: 29). Taqwa has a three-fold impact on the pious; receives a criterion, wrongs blotted and forgiven. Imam Razi explains the criterion, “In the worldly life it’s the state of the heart that produces good actions. So, the pious is guided and recognises the truth, their mind is opened”. “Whoever’s heart Allah has opened he has received his Lord’s light” (Zumar: 22). Finally, hatred, jealousy and deception are removed from their heart (Tafseer Kabeer). As far as the outward conditions are concerned Allah has chosen for the Muslims greatness and victory.


A constant fear that haunts people is, will my needs be satisfied? In the following verse of The Majestic Quran Allah is promising the pious that he will provide from where he least expects it! “And -whoever fears Allah, Allah shall make a way out for him. And will provide for him from where he has no expectation. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah He will suffice him” (Talaq: 2-3).

Allah will make the day to day living easy

“...and whosoever fears Allah he shall make easy for him his work” (Talaq: 4). Another marvellous promise for the pious is that their burden will be lightened in this life and the hereafter. “So, intelligent people, be pious! so you will be successful” (Maidah: 100).

Saved from punishment and fear

Whosoever is pious and upright shall have nothing to grieve and fear” (Yunus: 62). On the day of Judgement, everyone will be worried, trembling due to the severity of judgement but the pious ones will be calm and relaxed resting in the shade of the Divine throne.


Eternal peace, endless bliss and salvation depend on Taqwa. Taqwa is the believer’s treasure. Here’s how this precious treasure can be earned, resolve not to commit any evil, avoid even excessive halal, guard the eyes, ears, tongue, and stomach by enforcing a strict regime of self-control on body and mind. So, the way to develop Taqwa is to avoid all haram and even excessive halal things, practice the Shariah, daily prayers; fasting; zakah; hajj and zikr.