Being Grateful


Never take anything for granted is a very common cliché and I wonder how many of us have reflected on its real meaning? The other day I was in the hospitals waiting room to see the consultant. The real meaning of this cliché dawned upon me with regards to two things; I understood the meaning of ‘never take your health for granted’ meant but more so ‘never take your health service for granted.’

It was then I truly appreciated the work of the receptionist in my doctors surgery to the work of the hospital car park attendant, let alone the diligence of the nurse taking samples of blood, the meticulous questioning and the thorough examination by the specialist doctor.

The most amazing thing of all is how smoothly things went from the time the GP suspected something till receiving the medicine from the pharmacist. Appreciating and acknowledging the service given by others is a sign of sanity and goodness. The following Muslim story tells of how appreciative God is of us when serve others.

A man was travelling in a desert when he came across a well, he drank to hearts content. Then he saw a dog licking the wet sang, he thought it was thirsty so he took of his moccasins and filled them with water and the dog drank from them.

It is said, God thanked the man for serving one of his creatures.