Be careful with the Quran!


Book burning

Book burning is a heinous crime that shows utter disregard for others’ beliefs, and traditions. It’s an expression of hatred. When the book is a religious scripture, it becomes a violent act against the faithful. Book burning was widely practised by the Nazi’s in 1930s to suppress Jewish writings, it was a display of hatred and violence. Muslims love the Quran, the Book of Allah, they read, memorise and recite it morning and evening. It’s a miraculous book that changed the tide of human history fourteen hundred years ago, and today it has the same power and appeal to change people who love it. So, in response to the Quran burners we call for ‘sharing the Quran’s message of peace and tolerance’ but also warn ‘be careful with the Quran!’

Right-Wing Extremism

Right-wing extremism is on the rise in Europe, fuelled by the media’s negative reporting about Muslims. On Saturday 21st January 2023, the leader of a far-right political party,  Rasmus Paludan burnt a copy of the Holy Quran with the permission of the police authorities in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm. Why outside the Turkish Embassy? Since Sweden’s application to join NATO, Turkey has been opposing it, without Turkish agreement NATO cannot admit Sweden into NATO. So, there is tension between Sweden and Turkey, the right-wing extremists are exploiting this to make things worse.

Sweden’s Prime Minister Ulf Kristensen also criticised this act, he said “Freedom of expression is a fundamental part of democracy, but what is legal is not necessarily appropriate, burning books that are holy to many is a deeply disrespectful act.”

Response from Muslim Countries

The foreign ministries of many Muslim countries have condemned the barbaric act, the Turkish called it a “vile act”, saying the Swedish government’s decision to allow the protest to go ahead was “completely unacceptable”. The Iranians said, “Some European countries under the pretext of free speech and freedom of expression, are allowing extremist groups to spread hatred and discord.” The Kuwaiti foreign minister warned that this sort of conduct would incite Muslims all over the world and would make for a very dangerous provocation.” The Bangladeshi foreign ministry said, “The act of insulting the sacred values of Muslims globally in the guise of ‘freedom of expression’ is unacceptable.”

British Muslim organisations including Imams and scholars have joined in to condemn this sacrilegious act. The Jamaat Ahlu-Sunnah, the World Muslim Federation and British Board of Imams and Scholars are calling for this Friday to be dedicated to celebrating the glory, majesty, and beauty of Allah’s book. Imams are being urged to speak about the Quran’s message of peace, tolerance, and human brotherliness during the Friday sermons.

Below is a beautiful bouquet I have arranged for you to read, digest and share with others. I recommend that this week we respond to those who abuse the Quran by introducing them to the Divine book. This way we will display our love of Allah’s book. We respond to them in a civilised manner. So, please share these nuggets of wisdom from The Majestic Quran.

Let the Quran speak: What the Quran says about itself

Allah’s promise to protect the Quran

We revealed the Quran as the Reminder, and We are its Protector. We sent messengers before you to the sects of ancient communities, but whenever a messenger came, they mocked him. That is how We ease the way of disbelief into the hearts of sinners. They will not believe in the truth despite the example of previous generations. Even if We opened a gate for them in the sky, through which they could climb up, they would say, “Our eyes have been deceived, we were bewitched.” (Hijr: 9-15)

The light of Allah will spread everywhere

The most wicked person is one who speaks ill about Allah when invited to Islam. Allah does not guide the wrongdoers. They want to put out Allah’s light with their mouths, but Allah will spread His light everywhere, no matter how much the disbelievers dislike it. He is the one who sent his noble messenger with the guidance and a true religion so that it will prevail over others; no matter how much the idolaters dislike it. (Saff: 7-9)

The opponents of Divine revelation will lose

The people opposing the truth will ultimately suffer defeat, here is the proof; in past, the people of Nuh, Ad and the Pharaoh who built huge columns, all of them rejected their prophets. So did the people of Thamud, Lut and the forest dwellers, they were the hostile parties. Each of them denied messengers so they were deservedly punished. They are in denial of that which cannot be put off and say, “Our Lord quickly bring on our punishment before the day of reckoning.” (Saad: 11-16)

The Quran is a great news

Say “I am a Warner, there is no God but Allah, the One, the Supreme, Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that’s between them. The Almighty the ever-Forgiving.”  Say “This is solemnly important news! Why do you turn your backs on it?” (Saad: 65-69)

The reading of the Quran makes them tremble with awe

Allah sent down the most beautiful set of teachings, a book that is consistent and repeats important teachings, making those in awe of their Lord tremble. They get goosebumps, and their hearts soften with the remembrance of Allah, that is Allah’s guidance. He guides who He pleases. Whoever Allah allows to go astray for him there is no guide. So, the one who will just have his face to shield him from the terrible punishment of judgement day, the evil ones will be told ‘taste what you have earned.’ Others before them also disbelieved and the punishment came to them from where they didn’t expect. So, Allah made them taste humiliation in worldly life and the punishment of the hereafter is even greater. If only they knew. (Zumar: 23-6)

This Quran is the miracle

We sent you among a community like many that have passed away previously, to recite to them what We revealed to you. Yet they continue denying the Kind Lord. Say, “He is my Lord; there is no god but Him, in Him I have trust, and to Him, I turn in repentance.” If ever there was a Quran to move the mountains, or to tear down the earth, or to make the dead speak, it would be this. Indeed, Allah has complete control of the universe. Have the believers not yet realised, if Allah wanted, He would have guided the whole of humanity? The disbelievers will continue to be afflicted by tragedy because of what they have done. Sometimes, it will strike near their homes, thus Allah’s promise will be fulfilled. Allah does not break His promise. (Raad:30-31)

People respond differently to the Quran

Those given the Book are delighted at what’s revealed to you, though among their groups are those who deny some of it. Say, “I have been ordered to worship Allah and not associate any partners with Him. It is to Him that I call you, and to Him that I shall return.” This is how We revealed its clear rulings in Arabic. If you choose to follow their wishes after receiving such revealed knowledge, then you will have no helper or protector against Allah. (Raad:36-37)

The Quran is Allah’s greatest gift

When you begin reading the Quran seek Allah’s protection from the rejected Satan. He has no influence over the believers who trust in their Lord but influences those who befriend him and the idolaters. When We exchange a verse in place of another Allah knows well what he reveals, they say, “You have made it up” nay most of them do not know.  Say, “The Holy Spirit Angel Jibreel has gradually brought it down from your Lord faithfully to strengthen the morale of the believers, it is guidance and good news for the Muslims.” We know they will say, “A certain man teaches it to him.” But the language of the one who they point to is foreign whilst this Quran is in plain Arabic. If people do not believe in Allah’s revelation Allah will not guide them, for them will be a painful punishment. (Nahl: 98-104)

The spiritual nature of Quranic revelation

We sent down the Quran with truth, and so it is an exceptional revelation. We sent you to announce the good news and to warn. This is a reading, revealed in separate sections so that you may read it to people slowly, We revealed it gradually over a period of time. Say “it is up to you to believe or not, those who were given knowledge before this certainly acknowledge it when it is read to them, they fall on their faces in prostration.” And they say, “Glory to Our Lord, indeed Our Lord’s promise is fulfilled.” They fall on their faces in prostration, crying as their humility grows. (Isra: 105-109)

The Quran enlightens the reader

We established a Sharia for you so follow it and do not follow the falsehood of the ignorant. They cannot benefit you in the slightest against the will of Allah. The wrongdoers are each other’s helpers while Allah is the helper of the pious. This Quran is full of insights for humanity, guidance and kindness for the firmly faithful. Do those who commit evil think that we shall treat them like we treat those who believe and do righteous deeds here and in the Hereafter? They’ve made a wrong judgement. (Jathiya: 18-21)

The Quran is protected, a guidance and a healing

Those who deny the Quran when it came to them don’t realise that it is an honourable book, that cannot be influenced by falsehood from any angle, a revelation from the Wise and the Praiseworthy. Messenger, what is said to you was said to the Messengers before you. Your Lord is Ever-Forgiving and Lord of painful torment. Had We made the Quran in a foreign language they would have objected ‘why weren’t its verses made clearer? ’Whether foreign or Arabic say ‘it’s guidance and healing for those who believe but those who do not believe are deaf and blind. As though they are being called from far away.’ (Fussilat: 41-44)

The Quran is a Warner

So, We revealed the Arabic Quran so you may warn people of Makkah and its suburbs of the day of Gathering in which there is no doubt; a group will live in gardens and a group in the blazing fire. Had Allah willed He would have made them one nation, but he allows into His Care who he pleases. For the disobedient, there is neither friend nor helper.  Have they taken Lords besides Him? Yet Allah is the only Lord, and He gives life to the dead and has control over all things. Whatever you differ in note that the final decision will be Allah’s. That is Allah my Lord, I trust Him, and I turn earnestly to him. (Shura: 7-10)

Severe punishment for those who deny the Quran

What kind of message will they believe? Allah has already explained His Scripture. Ruined is every liar and sinner who hears verses of Allah recited to him but remains stubbornly arrogant as though he has not heard it. Give him the good news of painful punishment. Whenever he learns something about our Scripture, he mocks it. For him is a humiliating punishment. Hell lies in waiting for him, nothing he earned nor those who he took as friends beside Allah will benefit him. And for him is a terrible punishment. This Quran is guidance, those who deny the book of their Lord will face a painful punishment. (Jathiya: 7-11)

The glorious Quran is Allah’s speech

I swear by what you see and what you don’t see, the glorious Quran is the speech of a generous messenger, it is not the speech of a poet, little do you believe, neither is it the speech of a soothsayer, little do you pay attention. It is the revelation from the Lord of the universe. Had he made up a lie against Us, then We would have seized him by the jugular vein with the right hand and none of you could protect him. Indeed the Quran is a reminder for the mindful.  We know some of you will deny it. But it will be a source of regret for the disbelievers. The Quran is an unquestionable truth, so glorify the name of your Lord the Almighty. (Haqqah:39-51)

The Jinns believed in the Quran

Say “it was revealed to me that a group of Jinn overheard my recitation of the Quran and said “we heard an amazing recitation that guides to the right path, so we believed, we shall never associate anyone with our Lord, for He is exalted, majestic Lord. He has neither a wife nor a son as the foolish people claim, it’s an outrageous thing to say against Allah. We never thought humans and Jinns could tell such lies about Allah. (Jinn:1-5)

The preservation of the Quran is Allah’s responsibility

Messenger, don’t read the Quran too fast to memorise it quickly. We are responsible for its compilation and the recital. When We recite it, follow the recitation, it is also our responsibility to explain it clearly. Unfortunately, people love the fleeting world dearly and have forgotten the hereafter, that day some faces will be radiant, joyfully seeing their Lord. But others will be gloomy and sad, sensing that something terrible is about to happen. (Qiyama:16-25)

The Quran teaches spiritual growth

We shall teach you the Quran, so you won’t forget it, except what Allah wills. He knows the seen and the unseen. We shall make your journey easy. So remind, since a reminder is beneficial. The one in awe of his Lord will listen but the wretch will ignore it, he’ll end up in the great fire, where he will not die nor live. Successful is the one who purifies himself and remembers the name of his Lord and performs the prayer regularly. Unfortunately, people prefer the worldly life, yet the hereafter is far better and long-lasting. This fact is written in the previous Scriptures as well, the Scripture of Ibrahim and Musa. (‘Ala:6-19)

The Quran was revealed on the night of power

We sent down the glorious Quran on the night of power. What do you know about the night of the power? The night of Power is better than one thousand months, since the angels and Archangel Jibreel come down by the order of their Lord bringing with them each person’s destiny for that year. Peace descends everywhere till the dawn. (Qadr)