Appreciate the gifts you have


Don’t be like the rich beggar

The Quran teaches us to get rid of the junk from around us, whether it’s in the garage or the home, but more so from our heart and mind. “The successful is the one who has purified himself” (Al-Ala: 7). That’s the one who rids their heart and mind of arrogance, anger, jealousy, greed and lust.

Until we clear ourselves of these damaging effects we cannot flourish nor enjoy the wonderful things Allah has given us. This reminds me of a story of a woman who begged on the streets. She would ask people to give her and if they didn’t, she would be angry and scold them. However, someone told me that she lived in a lovely home and was well off. I couldn’t believe that because here was a woman who was poorly dressed in rags and lived by begging. So, I secretly went to see her home, and I discovered that she had a beautiful house and was very well off. I was told she had inherited this from her father, but she had lived in poverty previously, so she failed to leave behind the rubbish in her life and could not enjoy the inheritance.

We Muslims have inherited wonderful things, the beloved Messenger (peace be upon him) said “I leave behind two weighty and valuable things for you; the Majestic Quran and my family. Hold tightly to them and you will never go wrong” (Muslim).

Respecting and valuing our inheritance

As Muslims we are not supposed to just fit into any kind of background, we are supposed to be different. Being different does not mean that we are odd or weird, wear outlandish dresses or speak in tongues. The abnormality that some people feel to be necessary to be a good Muslim is nonsense. I will be different, speak truth rather than lie, be honest rather than cheat the taxman; show kindness to my fellow citizens not ignore them, I will proudly worship my Lord in my masjid and outside, I shall speak out against relative morality where people make up their values as it pleases them. We will not indulge in sexual immorality, we will demonstrate restraint and the standards that Islam has given us.

Indeed, the relationship with God will make us better human beings, when we follow the Messenger of Islam (peace be upon him) that’s what will make us better human beings, fully developed with moral values and spiritual ideals. Also, it will make us serene, calm and dignified, since we will not spend time grumbling and complaining about friends and society. It means that we will be free since we will not conform to the world’s standards of sexual morality, nor to its vulgar materialism and crass capitalism. Rather we will be people who are going to enable others, empower others to be loving and good. We will be thankful and joyful.

Allah reminds us that, “If you are grateful, I will surely increase My favours to you” (Ibrahim: 7). This applies to human beings as well. For example, when we are grateful to others, they are more than willing to help us and do good for us. Remember that nice co-worker who helped you at work or your teacher who went out of their way to help you with a difficult lesson. How appreciative were you of their actions?

Let me leave you with a final thought, the Quran is inspirational, aspirational and liveable, its moral values and practical laws will guide us to a purposeful and prosperous living insha-allah.