New developments

Q: I have downloaded the Quran on my Ipad for ease of reading as well as other useful features the application came with. My question is how am I to go about treating with this in terms of:

1) Do I have to make wudu before launching this application?
2) Do I have to make sure nothing is on top the iPad because it contains the Quran?

A:  This is a wonderful acquisition, congratulations! You don’t have to have wudu to read from your iPad, the Quran says; “do not touch it except when you are in state of purity”. This refers to touching the pages of the Quran, I suggest that as long as you don’t use your finger on the Quranic words its permissible to read them without wudu. so you can launch it without wudu. This is a virtual Quran, so it’s good to respect it. The Quran teaches us “whoever respects the signs of Allah that is truly the piety”


Q: How come we do not know when Eid is and   can we find out in advance?

A: The Islamic calendar is lunar and is based on the sighting of the moon, the messenger peace be upon him said;”begin the fast by seeing the crescent and end the month by seeing it, if it is cloudy then complete thirty days”. unfortunately Muslims in Britain do not have a supreme body that can decide the beginning of the month, sadly there are too many external influences that create unessacerry conflict. However, recently muslim astronomers have been able to present a convincing case for the use of astronomical data to predict the possibility of the visibility of the moon; some scholars are therefore using this data to help to determine the beginning of the Islamic month. this method is becoming increasingly popular and more accurate as well. I think in next 5-10 years it will be accepted universally and we will be able to accurately predict the beginning of Ramadan and the eid. so be patient for the time being.